Supported cameras

Darktable uses libgphoto2 for tethering, you can find a list of by libgphoto supported cameras here.

Tested and fully functional cameras

Here follows a complete list of verified and supported cameras for tethering with Darktable...

Model/Driver libgphoto2 version
Canon EOS 40D (PTP mode) 2.4.10
Canon EOS 400D (PTP mode) 2.4.8
Canon EOS 100D (PTP mode) 2.5.4
Nikon DSC D60 (PTP mode) 2.4.8
Nikon DSC D90 (PTP mode) 2.4.8
Nikon DSC D3100 (PTP mode) Basic Shooting, but no Live View 2.5.1
Nikon DSC D300s (PTP mode) 2.5.2
Nikon DSC D3 (PTP mode) 2.4.14

Verify support for your camera

Your camera must be fully supported by gphoto2 and before reporting any problems about
camera tethering, the following steps must be successfully performed.

First of all be sure to have gphoto2 tools installed, then connect your camera to
your computer using the usb cable...

1. Verify that camera is detected

The following command will provide which cameras are detected and connected
to the computer, find your camera port name and use it in the tests below ( mostly port usb: will be enough )...

  env LANG=C gphoto2 --auto-detect

2. Verify camera driver abilities

Execute the following command and verify that the "Capture choices" ability supports Image and "Configuration support" is yes.
These two abilities is checked and decides if "tethered shoot" button should be shown or not in Darktable.

  env LANG=C gphoto2 --port usb: --abilities

3.a Verify camera remote capture

This step should capture an image and download it to your computer.

  env LANG=C gphoto2 --port usb: --capture-image-and-download

3.b Verify camera tethered capture

And last this step waits for you to push the shutter on the camera when the images should be downloaded to your computer.

  env LANG=C gphoto2 --port usb: --capture-tethered

What if this didn't work?

Contact the gphoto2 team to find out if or how your camera is or can be supported.

Soo now what?

If you successfully went through all the tests above your camera will likely be supported
by darktable and tethering, if you still stumble over a problem in darktable please
file a bug @ and attach the respective output of the 2 steps above
and the log of:

darktable -d camctl 2>1 >camctl.log

If any of the steps above failed, then there is a problem with your specific camera and driver.
Please report the issue to the gphoto2 mailing list for further help. Include these
flags to the command above that failed to attach to the mail for better support:

--debug --debug-file gphoto2_debug.log