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The denoise (profiled) plug-in forms part of the correction plug-in group and is used to denoise images, using a camera-specific noise calibration.

Blog-post describing the details behind the plug-in:

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Reasons for use

The plug-in is used to denoise images.

What this plug-in actually does

See the blog post referenced above.

Parameters that can be changed

The following [parameters/settings] can be changed within this plug-in:

  • profile (calibrated for camera and iso value) * mode, non-local means or wavelet * patch size * strength * blend mode




Method used in the denoising core. Non-local means works best for 'lightness' blending, wavelets work best for 'color' blending.

patch size




blend mode

Standard blend mode is available for this module.

Generally recommended settings

The modules produces good results out of the box, possibly with a reduced strength or blend mode normal with reduced opacity.

A usual trick is to reduce chroma noise, while applying less denoise to luma (lightness), to avoid losing too much detail. Create two instances of the module, one with blend mode color and another with blend mode normal or lightness. Adjust the strength or opacity of the modules to taste.

Example usage

Example 1


Example 2

The [NAME] plug-in allows you to [manipulate/adjust/enhance/reduce/maximise/minimise/remove - delete as appropriate] VVVVVVVVVV to ....

In this example, you can see how the [NAME] plug-in [manipulates/adjusts/enhances/reduces/maximises/minimises/removes] ZZZZZZZZ and allows ....

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This module requires a noise profile to have been generated for the specific sensor or camera.

The blog post referenced above contains a description on how to perform such a calibration.

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