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This wiki is the development wiki for darktable. If you are looking for tutorials or user related informations please have a look at the user's wiki.

darktable Development Guidelines


Contributing Code: Patches, Forks, Pull Requests


Meetings & Internal Matters

Dev Meeting Agenda

Information collection for founding an association (german)

darktable Development

GuiGuidelines - we try to smooth darktable's gui.

UsabilityIssues - self explaining.

GuiCleanup - buttons in the wrong place? undescriptive labels on controls? suggestions for enhancements here.

UserInterfaceMockup - New user interface proposals and discussion.

Masks UI Specs - User Interface Specification for Masks

MetadataBrowserGui - mock-up for possible new interface for collection plugin

Print Mode Specs - Print Mode Specs

Dual Head Support Dual head support in Darktable

Foldermodule - Folder module

Coding Style - How to write code for darktable

Hacking on darktable - Getting started for hacking on darktable

LuaUsage - How to script darktable with lua

Snapshots - Enhanced snapshots in darktable

Scanning - Film scanning feature

Darktable on OS X - Building from git sources on OS X

Building darktable 2.0 - Building darktable with gtk3

Building darktable 2.2 - Building darktable version 2.2

Building darktable 2.6 - Building darktable version 2.6

GSoC participation

darktable took part in the 2011 GSoC run. Find all pages related to the Google Summer of Code here, including student's proposals and instructions.

Darktable Styles

DarktableStyles - User generated style

Upcoming styles sharing platform - A nice place to share the styles

Versions and roadmap


  • PlannedFeatures - New features list with some outline of the plans regarding those.
  • Pipeline2.0 - structural changes to the pixel pipeline



Rebel sample files (Testing, this, do not enter :)

White balance presets How to create white balance presets for your camera

Also available in: PDF HTML TXT

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