Notes on darktable v1.0


Things that have to be addressed / solved before we can release:

  • 32bit crashes / 32bit support * []
  • Missing file stops thumbnail generation and blocks pipe * [done]
  • Collection is not displayed after importing *

Once a new filmroll is imported, one would expect it to be displayed in the centerview, but that is not the case. The filmroll is selected in the collections module, but the center view is not updated. Changing something in the collection filter, makes it to be displayed. Something similar happens when all the rules are deleted, and the filmroll filter is selected by default.

A dt_update_collection is missing somewhere.

User Interface

look and feel [done]

needs a serious overhaul, for a more balanced and uniform look, as sketched in the GuiGuidelines

Header [done]

The new interface does now also have a header which is divided into 3 containers where the left and right container
is allocated for the identity plate respectively the view switcher tool.
However there is a center container which today is empty and might be used for something useful without unweighting
the user interface, one thought I had was to but a hinter into there, like context aware hinter with short phrases like 2/3 lines
of helping texts like.

   "when you hover over a thumbnail you can
    press the z key to preview the image in
    fullscreen for a closer look" 

This can be used by less intrusive information such as when changing filter/collection it can show how many images are shown in the collection and same goes for selections ...
another dt_control_log() alternative ...


jpeg support [pending]

Support for jpeg is not optimal, as it is quite slow. That makes darktable slow for people shooting only jpegs.

image struct caching [pending]

image_cache.c caches sql queries related to images. it should also cache color labels, to avoid additional queries during redrawing.

exported images are not shown in Windows (7,XP)

Windows viewer just shows a black area (XP) or reports that this image can't be shown (7)


Image selection [done - can be improved]

Image selection behaviour is pretty strange and can lead to strange results due to
it's fully possible to have images selected in other collections not shown to the end user.
This is error prone if for example someone has a few images selected, and changes
the collection and finds two images he wants to physically delete, he ctrl clicks
each of them and hit delete button and images selected before this two will also
be deleted ... :)

UI glitches [pending]

Fix some UI glitches and minor bugs, as the one that makes the decoration (NEF; CR2; ...) of the exposes only being loaded when hoovering over the image for some of them when the zoom level is high (usually >10)
Additional to this, we might consider to draw the always show reject indication to make that clear to the end user ...

keywords plugin [pending]

Keyword plugin allow reordering the tags by drag and drop, and also grouping them. In this case, the tag list in the tagging module in the right panel should be notified and updated, so the tags match.
Also, if not rule is selected in collect plugin, the tag rule should be added as rule 0, not as rule 1.


UI glitches [almost done?]

- modules such as auto exposure and others that use the colorpicker will use the mode (area or point) that is selected in pick color plugin,
which is quite counterintuitive, add proxy function to colorpicker so that iops that are reusing it can set preferable method and size eg. dt_view_activate_area_colorpicker(80%)



Import dialog doesn't implement vars available on export as $EXIF_* group, which are useful if the images are being imported a few days after they are taken, and it is important the imagename of dirname has the actual date of the session (Henrik reports that this is an issue in libgphoto API) [not to be done]

Import dialog shouldn't close if no image is selected, unless Cancel is pressed. [pending]

Override current date field usage is not clear. [pending]


We need to ensure that the update path from 0.9.3 to 1.0 is clean

Get rid of gconf completely, make sure we don't use the settings stored in it.

thumbnail size
Set a "sane" default value (1200x1024)? [done - 1300x1000]

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