Usability Issues

Not for discussions. Please just note down what distracts you from your optimal workflow in darktable. Try to summarize this as short as possible.


  • lack of the possibility to fix straight movement (vertically or horizontally) with key while scrolling in zoomable light table
  • arrow keys do not behave like a "filemanager", they should move selection to next image. (see #8716)
  • Allow tagging by dragging images onto tags and vice versa
  • No key assigned to switch to next/previous picture for sequential viewing. - Expected: Space/Backspace, same as in Darkroom mode. (see #8716)
  • selection and mouseover is not always consistent or understood when rating images. SelectionProposal is a solution to this.
  • Show filename if only one image is selected in lighttable
  • Possibility to select images on rating (one star, rejected, ...)
  • Possibility to compare two images, zoom, scrolling should be switchable between locked and independent


  • Not possible to use Exif date for naming import filmroll.
  • Not possible to set date manually (laying there for a looong time).
  • Maybe add possibility to import into existing filmrolls? (already works by typing same name)
  • Ignore .jpg files with matching .raw/.cr2 etc
  • Correct exif date on import, i.e. add or subtract a number of hours or minutes
  • Add possibility to directly assign tags to pictures being imported. (fixed in current master (post 1.0.3)
  • Add possibility to set default Exif tags on import (like Creator, Copyright, etc...) (fixed in current master (post 1.0.3)


  • Facebook export to private profiles and pages (implemented)


  • Tag list not expandable. Having this would save scroll work.
  • Tag list shows darktable tags. This might be confusing/unhandy/error-prone
  • A way to see how many times a tag has been assigned would be nice. i.e. "How many pictures with this tag do I have?"
  • Drag and Drop of images onto tags and vice versa to add tags.
  • Tags should be applied whenever keyboard focus leaves an entry field (e.g. hitting [Return] or [Tab]), not only when [Apply] is clicked.
  • Some sort of keybinding to add tags to the currently selected file(s) would be nice. -> see shotwell's <primary>+t(fixed in git master, post-1.0.x. Ctrl+t)
  • New tagging mechanism with hotkey and small popup (like the status infos) would improve workflow. Together with arrow keys: assigning of tags without mouse interaction. (see above)
  • Would love to be able to use tags to select groups of photos


  • A way to see how many images the current collection contains would be nice. (implemented)
  • The scrollbar at the right side to show the position on current collection is not perceived.
  • Allow date or time ranges for collections by date.
  • reorganize imported images when images are deleted or moved from disk outside of darktable


  • "jumpy" plugins: if some plugin is visible only partially, then when you switch off another plugin below it, vertical positions of all plugins are changed, and on/off button is no longer under cursor; hard to re-enable the plugin again. (fixed, see #8644)
  • "jumpy" film-strip: switch to next image in DR using filmstrip, film-strip changes so that the new image suddenly appears in the left-most position, hard to follow and tricky to switch to the previous image (fixed in 1.0.3, where current image is centered in the filmstrip)
  • lack of MakerNotes:SerialNumber or/and MakerNotes:InternalSerialNumber EXIF tags in "auto apply this preset to matching images" checkbox dialog of the presets
  • Batch processing not possible - apply saved plugin settings to multiple images - Should be accessible from lighttable. Makes whole roll operations timeconsuming Can use styles!
  • local corrections using drawable and parametric masks is not effective. The most effective way to do local corrections, is to select a zone (using a drawable or parametric mask) and then to apply a series of corrections (exposition, color, local contrast, etc.) on that zone. However, in Darktable, one has to draw a mask to select the zone, and in each module we want to use, to recall that mask each time. If the mask is a parametric mask, then one has to re-enter the parameters each time.
  • the brush should show the modifications on the image in real time, while painting. It should also optionally show the painted zone in yellow while painting.

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