What snapshots do now

Right now snapshots work by saving a png file of the cairo surface to temp dir. When one is selected, the image is split, showing in one half the snapshot and in the other half the image. If the image is zoomed or panned,or the window size is changed, the snapshot remains as it was taken originally, making a weird effect.

The snapshots are completely static, as they are files, and not stored with the image, so going back to lighttable make them disappear. But this allow to make a comparison from one image to the next one by using an already taken snapshot.


The proposal intends to keep the possibilities that the current implementation have but at the same time increase the possibilities of the system by making them more powerful and, and also improve the UI behaviour.

The steps are:
  • Create a second pipeline to be used by snapshots and compare view (to be discussed later)
  • The second pipeline will allow to pan & zoom both views in split view at the same time
  • Allow to compare with a split view or replace current development in center view with the snapshot when one is selected
  • The snapshot will know the history that led to it. Selecting the snapshot will make the history of it to be shown if we are not in compare split view
  • Once a snapshot is selected it can be further developed, and the snapshot history can be upgraded to current with a popup menu (question: will whis mean that we lose current development? the caveat is that without undo, if you click on a snapshot to check and move a slider, your edits to the image will be lost)
  • By default, snapshot name should include filename (easier to compare later with other images). Allow to rename snapshots
  • Save snapshots name & history to DB and XMP files, so they can be recovered at any time

Related Artwork

Just digged out from the shadows: some UI mockups related to snapshots by Roberto

Also available in: PDF HTML TXT

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