Pipeline 2.0

to be discussed at LGM 2014.

color management

  • editable lut support to match colors of picture styles, but in an editable fashion (like the clut module in film-emulation branch, but better). this should probably run instead of the input color profile and before anything else color related. potentially also doing the job of current color zones, but better (3d instead of 3x 1d). option to map camera raw->Lab or inject an XYZ matrix before the table (external fitting tool might be used to get more precise answer without the XYZ matrix).
  • base curve to move to the end, for linear workflow.
  • colorout to convert to some standard rgb space, not display profile.
  • extra display profile conversion step at the end, before or after base curve?
  • maybe the Lab step in camera -> Lab -> outRGB can be avoided in case no Lab modules are switched on for straight data output? or else the -> Lab conversion might do some (minor) gamut clipping in dark, deeply saturated blues.


  • measure noise variances on raw data, before black point subtraction.
  • also move noise before demosaicing (boring job, but potentially better).
  • load completely raw data and pass on to modules without black border crop or black/white scaling.


  • how to maintain compatibility with old history stacks? moving modules is quite a drastic step. maybe same as equalizer I vs. equalizer II? just introduce new module and keep the other one around without gui?

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