We already have the meta data plugin on the left which shows stuff for the selected image.

We also have tagging in lighttable mode.

What we miss is a plugin to add title, description, ' to an image.


Add a plugin to lighttable mode, allowing to edit meta data for the selected images. Some of it should also be displayed in the meta data viewer on the left. Maybe even on the thumbnail (not sure about that though). Provided we want dt to be a complete DAM solution, any IPTC Core 1.1, possibly IPTC Extension 1.1 and proprietary fields should be editable (in a separate window?)


The meta data editor must display the current values for the selected image. But what if it is not the same for all images? Say the author is the same, but the title differs. What shall we display then? Maybe indicate that there are different values and replace the input line with an editable drop down box (GtkComboBoxEntry), which defaults to "do not change", and containing all the other values for the selected images? Autocompletion should be used. Each metadata field could have options for replacing (use current value to replace any existing ones), update (add current value to the existing ones - this probably affects only tags), clear (get rid of any existing values).


Implementation is in git master.

Meta Data

What meta data do we want to store with images and according to which standard (probably prefer IPTC Core 1.1 and IPTC Extension 1.1 + darktable or other widely used namespaces for those not covered)?

Field already in DB schema already in XMP file XMP namespace used
Title yes, as caption yes dc:title
Copyright Notice yes, as license yes dc:rights
Keywords yes (tags) yes dc:subject
Hierarchical Keywords not yet not yet lr:hierarchicalSubject
Description yes, as description yes dc:description
Creator yes, post-0.7 branch yes, post-0.7 branch dc:creator
Publisher yes, post-0.7 branch yes, post-0.7 branch dc:publisher

What about date? Let the user change the date taken from exif?

What about geo references? I guess that would need some osm/googlemaps connection. Reverse geonames lookup (like "plus storing in IPTC Ext 1.1 (Location Shown) would be nice. (Location Shown is preferred to be used if both Location Created and Location Shown are equal.) Note that Country, Province/State, City, Sublocation as per IPTC IIM and their counterparts in IPTC Core 1.1 (photoshop.* and Iptc4xmpCore.*) are of legacy status, since it is not clear if they refer to image subject or camera location.

What about hierarchy of tags (according to info on page 62 in MWG guide [":]) or lightroom?)

What about basic syncing among compatible namespaces? (MWG guide page 23?) I suppose that IPTC IIM to IPTC Core 1.1 could be sufficient.

What about possibility to create new, "proprietary" EXIF tags to store user-specific/user-defined data like DarkTable:Version, DarkTable:DBID e.t.c.?

dc:title, dc:rights, dc:description support alternative languages.


Anything else missing?

Metadata browsing

I think the current way of browsing the database by metadata in darktable is quite limited, and becomes very cumbersome as soon as you have a lot of keywords/tags. It also does not really take advantage of hierarchical keywords and the organisation that can be gained by it. I've given this quite a bit of thought because I have been searching for a good photography DAM solution on linux for quite a while. I've therefore created some gui mockups of what I think a perfect metadata browser would look like and how it would work. I've created a new page for it's discussion.


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