GSOC Introduction for Students

I want to be one of our students, what should I do

this question deals with the administrative part, it's a sort of todo list

  • create a wiki page for your proposal
  • come to our IRC channel (#darktable on freenode) and discuss with us, make yourself known, ask questions, don't hesitate to ask around
  • get the git source and compile it, again don't hesitate to ask if you have problems
  • try to find a bug to fix or a small feature to add, look in EasyCoding, NotSoEasyCoding, the bug tracker or one of your own ideas.
    • again, don't hesitate to ask questions
    • submit your patch to the ML, you might have some feedback, don't hesitate to improve and resubmit
    • once your patch is submited, remember to add a ref to it in your proposal, it helps us see who's who when juging proposals
  • once the GSoC sumbission period starts, submit a proposal to google. No need to detail it in the google form, a single line "my project is decribed on <insert wiki page url here>" and that's fine with us.

How will we choose our students

The actual process will probably be the mentors meeting in a private channel and discussing. Here are the criterias we expect to use

We are perfectly aware that the choice is subjective, and we will try to describe below how we will juge the subjective part. The students are future community members and we juge their potential as such.

Technical knowledge

We try to juge your technical knowlege, if you are familiar with C, image processing, the libraries we use or that you plan to use.

  • The patch you submitted are the first way we have to juge
  • The discussions on IRC are also usually full of clues
  • The technical details of your proposal also usually reflects that knowledge

Social abilities

This is some gut feelings we have about the student, how helpfull to other students, inquisitive, pro-active etc...

we basically see that by knowing you on IRC and the ML

The proposal itself

That's basically the technical part of your proposal (the questionnaire is more about knowing you and practical details we might need) How feasible the proposal seems, how realistic is your planning, how open the proposal is.

If you are worried your proposal is not up to par, don't hesitate to ask us on IRC. If we juge your proposition unrealistic or not detailed enough, we will tell you. And if you ask early you will have time to correct it. That's fair game. We expect you to do that.

What is a good student proposal

the following are two top-level proposals from the Wesnoth project. Use them as examples of what we would love to see :P
Hello and welcome,

Below is the proposal that was accepted in 2011


those were great proposals, learn from the best ;)

Also available in: PDF HTML TXT

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