printing view

Darktable is not able to print images in any way. Users must currently use a separate programm for printing

Printing, however, is an important part of the DAM chain and must be done with care. Color management in particular is not handled well by most printing software.

We believe Darktable need a complete view to handle printing (see UserInterfaceMockup) and this is an interesting project to consider.

local edits

Implement masks, local edits, healing tools. This would also imply implementing a method in the processing queue to allow a plugin to be applied several times.

Add masks (from channel, from painted strokes, ..) for each module to the pixelpipeline (and to the opencl version). This could also include sliders to mix the input and output images of a plugin and pass on the result (similar to layers and blend modes in gimp).

Somehow related: settings in multiple copies of a plugin ( *mask, *(1-mask), ..).

This can easily be realised in the pixelpipe, by using the cached input buffer and the processed output buffer (after a call to process() or process_cl()) and the additional mask and overlay settings to create the final output buffer which is then passed on to the next plugin.

important problems
  • add the GUI needed elements for layers/mask/painting management
  • add a way to save these elements in the XMP file
  • find a way to pass masks and layers to plugins for them to work on


Implement geolocation: reading, writing of geo tags, a map view for placing and moving images around, etc.

There already is a branch called "geo" featuring some initial work but is far from being finished.

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