GSOC 2013 Ideas

[WIP] Please add here your ideas for the students.

Print view

Add a print view

Enhance snapshots system

Enhance how snapshots systm works

Add a comparing view to lighttable

Add a comparing view two lighttable, showing two images side by side

Job queue

We need to have a queue that will be prioritized in favor of the standard job queue so that when darktable core / mipmap cache whatever is working hard the user
started jobs should be prioritized and executed before the core queue is continuing stealing resources while processing ...
Probably this is simplest implemented by adding an additional queue where prio jobs are pushed to, and when workers are picking jobs they should first pick
from prioritized queue if there are jobs available there.

Simple UI

We have spoken about this a lot of times and it is all about having the most commonly used controls up front for a standard workflow,
simple ui would be something like its own module group without any modules, just a big panel with stuffed controls ...
I'm not talking about every control from every iop here, just those carefully chosen, the panel would have a label header named
like the groups:

-------------------/ Basic |

[ exposure   |        ]
[ black      |        ]
[ exposure   |        ]
[x] highlight recons.
[ temperature|        ]

-------------------/ Color |
[ saturtion  |        ]
[ vibrance   |        ]

-----------------/ Correct |
[ sharpen    |        ]
[ contrast   |        ]
[ local contrast   |  ]

Metadata and IPTC

Add and editor of metadata and IPTC tags. Some ideas are in the MetaData page.

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