GSOC 2013

This page contains all the information about this year's Summer of Code 2013.

The relevant dates are:
  • Window for submitting organizations requests: from March 18 to March 29
  • List of accepted organizations published on April 8
  • Window for submitting applications: April 22 to May 3
  • Accepted student proposals announced: May 27

If you are a student, please read first GSOC_Intro_for_students page, to understand how the process work.

We have also a GSOC_2013_Ideas page for the different ideas that we propose to be performed under GSOC 2013 program. These are ideas that the developers propose and are willing to mentor, but if you have a different one it will be also welcomed. Go to our #darktable channel in Freenode and we will discuss about it.

Also available in: PDF HTML TXT

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