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1. Basics
1. Write a small introduction to yourself.
I will go for a very classical introduction. My name is Alexandru-Eugen Ichim (you can always call me Alex), Romanian studying abroad since the end of high-school, with a long passion for photography, science and all possible aspects that go in between for making things a bit more beautiful and practical.
1. State your preferred email address.
alex.e.ichim AT gmail DOT com
1. If you have chosen a nick for IRC, what is it?
I usually use the sourceforge nickname 'nemesisfk', but for this project I will be using 'AlexIch'
1. Why do you want to participate in summer of code?
As I have been abroad for the past 3 years studying and doing internships during the summers (please see CV), I would like to go back home for 2-3 months and work in a more relaxed environment, although this does not mean that the final product quality will have to suffer.
1. What are you studying, subject,

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