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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
11550FeatureNewLowcontrast&brightness adjustment in RGB or XYZ modeSarge Borsch03/22/2017 10:26 AM2.2.3
11548BugNewLowOutput Image Seems DarkerJoe Giampaoli03/22/2017 06:53 AMFuture2.2.3
11547Camera SupportIncompleteLowRaw curves for D810Nicolas KIEFFER03/21/2017 03:16 PMCandidate for next minor release2.2.3
11535BugTriagedLowvarious UI failures when running under WaylandDan Torop03/21/2017 05:12 AMgit master branch
11380FeatureIncompleteLowUpdate build instructions for macOSCaleb Gregory03/21/2017 12:27 AMgit stable branch
11546BugNewLow==13345==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: heap-buffer-overflow David Schaefer03/20/2017 09:46 PMgit master branch
11539Camera SupportNewLowCanon 5D Mark IV noise profilesDejan Perkovic03/20/2017 09:07 AM2.2.3
11523Camera SupportNewLowPentax K-70 Noise ProfileDan A03/19/2017 04:55 AM2.2.3
11543Camera SupportIncompleteLowPENTAX K-S1Andrius Wild03/17/2017 08:42 AM2.2.3
11538FeatureNewLowAdd blend modes for Lab a-channel and Lab b-channelAndrew Martin03/17/2017 07:13 AMgit stable branch
9439FeatureNewLowadd a scrollbar in light table modeAntoine Beaupré03/16/2017 11:48 PMFuture
11541FeatureTriagedLowDrop down history menu in "Base directory naming patterns" fieldBruce Williams03/16/2017 12:31 PM2.2.3
11540Camera SupportNewLowSony DSC-RX100M5 Noise profile Howard Liberty03/16/2017 01:57 AMCandidate for next minor release2.2.3
11537FeatureNewLowAdd more options for custom bordersFrançois Tissandier03/15/2017 01:05 PM2.2.3
9132FeatureNewLowExtending image-grouping with image-alignment/registration to implement super-resolution, (HDR) or focus-stacksTim Haynes03/15/2017 12:59 PM
11536Camera SupportTriagedLowSony ILCE-6500 color matrix not found!David Lang03/09/2017 09:28 PM2.2.3
11518Camera SupportNewMediumILCE-a5000 supportAlex Mozheiko03/08/2017 08:20 PMCandidate for next major release2.2.3
10934Camera SupportIncompleteLowFujifilm X-Pro2 Supportlux agraf03/07/2017 05:16 PM2.0.1
11531Camera SupportIncompleteLowAdd Nikon AW1 cameraYvan Radenac03/05/2017 05:18 PMgit master branch
11494FeatureNewLowManual lens correctionAlex the Root03/05/2017 12:40 AM2.2.3
11527BugNewLowChanged xmp files dialogue without effectRichard WonkaTobias Ellinghaus03/02/2017 04:16 PM2.2.3
11412FeatureIncompleteLowAdd "rating" to Collect ImagesBruce Williams03/01/2017 07:51 PM2.2.1
11399FeatureTriagedLowShift/Control modifiers on histogram for mouse wheel actionsMatthieu Moy03/01/2017 07:46 PM2.2.0
11530BugNewLowCannot change tag assignments in device import dialogueRichard Wonka03/01/2017 07:40 PM2.2.3
11528BugIncompleteLowOverall speed (actually not a bug)Paolo Astengo03/01/2017 05:37 PMgit master branch
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