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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
12550BugFixedLow"Next Image" jumps to second image in collectionMarek KubicaPascal Obry01/15/2019 11:21 PM2.6.1git stable branch
12549BugFixedLowSlideshow wrong image display if window is resizedPaolo AstengoPascal Obry01/15/2019 11:50 PM2.6.1git master branch
12547BugFixedMediumexport local piwigo, login failsPatrick ShanahanPascal Obry01/16/2019 12:49 AM2.6.1git master branch
12544BugFixedMediumOpenCL is NOT AVAILABLE after Update from 2.4.4 to 2.60Stefan PetersenPascal Obry01/13/2019 01:44 AM2.6.1git stable branch
12541BugClosed: upstreamLowIntel "NEO" opencl drivers brokenDamian D. Martinez DreyerPascal Obry01/14/2019 07:34 AMFuturegit stable branch
12539BugFixedLowexport to local piwigo album segfaultsPatrick ShanahanPascal Obry01/11/2019 06:11 PM2.6.1git master branch
12537BugClosed: invalidLowАварийное завершение приложенияАндрей Абрамов01/14/2019 08:38 PM2.6.0git master branch
12536BugFixedLowfilm strip doesn't expand to fill screen if dt opened in less than full screenPatrick ShanahanPascal Obry01/10/2019 11:46 PMCandidate for next major releasegit master branch
12534BugClosed: upstreamLowcrash in Exiv2::Internal::resolveLens0x3f()Géraldine Woerner01/07/2019 11:11 PM2.
12532BugClosed: upstreamLowVignetting not correctly appliedJim Robinson01/07/2019 09:47 PMCandidate for next patch releasegit master branch
12531BugFixedLowProblem changing the size of drawn masks complete shapes Francisco Cribari01/07/2019 10:15 PM2.6.1git stable branch
12528BugDuplicateLowCannot read camera white balanceAlex Mozheiko01/06/2019 04:54 PM2.6.1git master branch
12527BugClosed: invalidLowLuma preset of Denoise (profiled) module gets applied in wavelets mode instead non-local meansVasyl Tretiakov01/07/2019 08:08 PM2.6.1git stable branch
12524BugClosed: invalidLowWrong order of operations in styles Francisco CribariPascal Obry01/07/2019 03:09 PM2.6.1git stable branch
12512BugFixedLowScrollbalken bei "Neuen Stil erzeugen" fehltRalf WellbrockPascal Obry01/02/2019 12:00 PM2.
12511BugFixedLowSort by Title in Lighttable mode not workingAri ElPascal Obry01/04/2019 08:38 AMCandidate for next patch releasegit master branch
12507BugDuplicateLow"Changed" flag is set on when importing images with xmp sidecars, even if the xmp sidecar is empty (only the header)Vincent Fregeac12/28/2018 08:40 AMCandidate for next major releasegit stable branch
12503BugFixedMediumRetouch module does not work when source element falls outside the cropped imageRob OoPascal Obry01/12/2019 11:11 AM2.6.1git stable branch
12502BugFixedLow2.6.0 Multiple selections issueJean-Luc LacroixPascal Obry12/28/2018 10:19 AM2.6.1git stable branch
12497BugClosed: invalidLowImage export does not work for some RAWs when Equalizer is enabled Oskar Maier01/14/2019 04:43 PM2.6.1git stable branch
12494BugClosed: invalidLowBuffer overflow read in BitStream | [temperature] failed to read camera while balance information Const A12/27/2018 10:10 AM2.6.0git master branch
12493BugFixedLowdarktable-cltest fails on 2.6.0 build on retouch.clTore BuschUlrich Pegelow12/27/2018 07:58 PMgit stable branch
12492BugFixedCriticalDate filter is not workingFrançois TissandierPascal Obry01/06/2019 10:38 PM2.
12480BugFixedLowduplicate.c → "developpement" typoTimur DavletshinPascal Obry12/21/2018 08:47 AM2.6.0git master branch
12478BugFixedLowdarktable 2.6 RC) Rc1 and RC2 Fails to open error 0cx0000142 New hardware requirements for 2.6????Todd PriorPascal Obry12/19/2018 11:15 PM2.6.0git master branch
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