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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
12659Camera SupportNewLowHasselblad H4D file errorThomas Børsting04/19/2019 01:27 PM2.
12655Camera SupportDuplicateLowCan't read Sony A6400 RAW files Marco Carrarini04/13/2019 09:09 PMgit stable branch
12643Camera SupportFixedLowFinePix F770EXR RAFs not supportedSasori XRoman Lebedev04/06/2019 04:59 PM2.4.4
12642Camera SupportFixedMediumNoise profile for E-PL9Šarūnas BurdulisStefan Schöfegger04/16/2019 10:01 AMCandidate for next patch releasegit master branch
12632Camera SupportNewMediumWhite balance presets for E-PL9Šarūnas Burdulis03/16/2019 09:15 PMgit master branch
12628Camera SupportNewLowexiv2 version 0.26 or later in darktable (under ubuntu)Claude Jolicoeur03/16/2019 04:26 PM2.4.4
12625Camera SupportFixedLowNoiseprofile Nikon Z7Wolfgang Goetzrawfiner -03/19/2019 09:12 PMgit master branch
12619Camera SupportFixedMediumRAW format of Sony alpha 6400Ulrich HuberRoman Lebedev04/06/2019 08:24 PMgit master branch
12618Camera SupportNewLowsony rx100m6Isidore Blonchk03/06/2019 06:24 PMgit master branch
12617Camera SupportNewLowDJI Mavic 2 Pro noise profileAnton Keks04/06/2019 10:53 AM2.4.4
12616Camera SupportNewLowRAF to dark (Fuji GFX 50s)Raphael Good03/04/2019 01:41 PM2.6.0git stable branch
12608Camera SupportNewLowNoise profile: Canon PowerShot SX160 ISHartmut Knaackrawfiner -04/13/2019 08:44 PMgit master branch
12589Camera SupportFixedLowNoise profile for Nikon D3Mikal ShaikhPascal Obry02/10/2019 06:43 PM2.6.1git master branch
12577Camera SupportNewLowPhase one P65+ Image cut in 4 quadrantsgathy dimitri02/05/2019 02:24 PMgit master branch
12572Camera SupportFixedLowOlympus E-PL8 WB presetsTuomas JaakoPascal Obry01/29/2019 03:17 PM2.6.1git stable branch
12571Camera SupportNewLowOlympus E-PL8 noise profileTuomas Jaako01/28/2019 10:08 AMgit stable branch
12565Camera SupportFixedLowOlympus E-PL8 supportTuomas JaakoRoman Lebedev01/24/2019 04:26 PM2.4.4
12564Camera SupportFixedLowAdd support for Olympus Pen F HiRes modeHans VanpeeRoman Lebedev01/24/2019 06:08 PMgit stable branch
12554Camera SupportDuplicateMediumFailed to read white balance information: "DSC_XXX.NEF"andy great01/16/2019 07:32 PMgit master branch
12553Camera SupportFixedLowsupport for Kodak DCS Pro 14n raws in dtPascal GrataloupRoman Lebedev01/30/2019 09:02 PMCandidate for next minor releasegit master branch
12545Camera SupportFixedLowNoise Profile Nikon D3500der gert01/24/2019 10:14 PM2.6.1git master branch
12521Camera SupportTriagedLowWhitebalance presets for Pentax KPPiotr RyszkiewiczStefan Schöfegger02/17/2019 09:52 PMgit stable branch
12519Camera SupportIncompleteLowNoise profile Phaseone 645DFgathy dimitri01/31/2019 02:28 PMgit master branch
12509Camera SupportFixedLowPhase One P30 SupportRobert Bridge04/06/2019 04:59 PM2.4.4
12506Camera SupportFixedLowNikon Z6 - noise profileYvan Radenac12/30/2018 02:43 PMCandidate for next minor release2.4.4
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