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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
11470FeatureNewLowAdd separation labels to dt.new_widgetTobias JakobsJérémy Rosen01/20/2017 05:57 PM2.2.0
11468Camera SupportNewLowOlympus OMD0EM1 MKIIBrandon Brooks01/20/2017 07:55 PMCandidate for next minor releasegit stable branch
11467Camera SupportNewLowNikon Coolpix B700Antonio Maldonado01/20/2017 07:54 PM2.0.7
11466Camera SupportNewLowGoPro HERO5 BlackTobias Jakobs01/19/2017 06:20 PM2.2.1
11465BugNewLowthumbnails do not match fileBojidar Bojkov01/18/2017 10:15 PM2.2.1
11463BugNewLowgraduated density guide cut off in cropped imagesRichard Wonka01/17/2017 05:25 PM2.2.1
11462BugNewLowwhen deleting dt will first create a thumbnail and then delete the fileDavid Schaefer01/17/2017 12:41 AMgit master branch
11459FeatureNewLowMouse behaviourBruce Williams01/15/2017 02:42 AM2.2.1
11457BugNewLowBrush mask should be transparentRoland BaudinPascal Obry01/16/2017 10:47 PMCandidate for next minor release2.2.1
11456BugNewLowdarktable main window grows out of the screen on hi-res / small screensDenis Saint-Marcoux01/16/2017 10:51 PM2.2.1
11455FeatureNewLowCamera support issue templateRoman Lebedev01/13/2017 11:30 AM
11454FeatureNewLowOne Image - Many StylesRoland Schuller01/13/2017 11:33 AMgit master branch
11453FeatureNewLowPlease add a "Yes to all" option or buttonHardy Wang01/13/2017 02:36 PM2.2.1
11449BugNewLowdarktable Man pageHeiko Bauke01/12/2017 12:10 PMgit stable branch
11447BugNewLowRemoving/renaming icc file in colors/in may lead to unpredictable resultsJacek Krzaczor01/11/2017 02:58 PM2.2.1
11445FeatureNewLowUse of variables into metadata fieldsJean-Luc CECCOLI01/11/2017 12:33 AM2.2.1
11444BugNewLowUsing scrollwheel on a drawn marking until it is as small at it can be will then scroll zoom insteadMagnus Claesson01/10/2017 11:32 PM2.2.1
11443FeatureNewLowcondition auto-applied presets on image orientation and/or image sizeHeiko Bauke01/10/2017 11:28 AM2.2.0
11440BugNewLowDemosaic Causing FirefliesMoritz Moeller01/16/2017 09:39 PMgit master branch
11439BugConfirmedLowDarktable crashes setting max/min red parametersLorenzo -01/07/2017 07:42 PM2.2.1
11434BugNewLowdarkroom artefacts with local laplacian filter in local contrast module with opencl activeChristian Kanzian01/05/2017 09:28 PMgit master branch
11431FeatureNewLowUsermanual needs to explain about library lockBruce Williams01/04/2017 11:38 PMgit master branch
11428BugNewLowequalizer background bands not refreshed when zoomingMarc Cousin01/04/2017 07:36 PMgit stable branch
11427BugNewLowoccasional crash on device importRichard Wonka01/04/2017 03:28 AM2.2.1
11426BugNewLowNewly imported film rolls don't appear in collection moduleRichard Wonka01/12/2017 04:56 PM2.2.1
11424BugIncompleteLowLosing details with denoise profiled Alexey Brodkin01/17/2017 02:31 AMgit master branch
11423BugConfirmedLowMac: OpenCL kernels compilation sporadically complain about missing common.hChristian Stussak01/04/2017 10:18 PM2.2.1
11420BugNewLowWrong JPEG outputFrançois Tissandier01/05/2017 01:00 AM2.2.1
11416BugNewLowRandom stripes when exporting to JPEGPhilippe B01/04/2017 07:13 PM2.2.0
11415FeatureNewLowField Curvature and/or Curve Nodes Control KeysAlex MozheikoAldric Renaudin01/02/2017 06:17 PM2.2.1
11414BugNewLowget_camera_raw_setting: Sony a6000 camera uses /main/capturesettings/imagequalityAlexey Brodkin01/02/2017 04:12 PMgit master branch
11412FeatureIncompleteLowAdd "rating" to Collect ImagesBruce Williams01/02/2017 01:27 PM2.2.1
11411BugNewLowcoredump after trying to select a mask from the masks menu when being in equalizer moduleDavid Schaefer01/02/2017 02:40 AMgit master branch
11409BugIncompleteLowLens Correction won't work with LeicaQ in version 2.2.Pierre Poulain01/01/2017 07:55 PM2.2.0
11407BugNewLowdarktable print module does not show selected imageGermano Massullo01/01/2017 01:15 PM2.2.0
11406BugTriagedLowURLs to manual pages change over timeStéphane Gourichon12/30/2016 05:50 PM
11404FeatureIncompleteLowGive user possibility to change white balance relativelyMariusz Jaskółka12/29/2016 09:47 PM2.2.0
11403FeatureTriagedLowPropsed change to display of hierarchical keywordsBruce Williams12/29/2016 11:32 AM2.2.0
11402FeatureNewLowESC / Return do not work in most dialog boxMatthieu Moy01/17/2017 06:20 PM2.2.0
11400BugNewLowCopy/paste in darkroom does not apply drawn masks properlyMatthieu Moy12/28/2016 11:44 PM2.2.0
11399FeatureTriagedLowShift/Control modifiers on histogram for mouse wheel actionsMatthieu Moy12/28/2016 11:20 PM2.2.0
11389BugNewLowSIGSEV on double bilateral filter -> drawn mask David Schaefer12/26/2016 12:21 AMgit master branch
11388BugNewLowSQL Syntax Error in _lib_filmstrip_imgid_in_collection()David Schaefer12/28/2016 12:08 AMgit master branch
11385BugNewLowrejecting the opened image in the filmstrip in darkroom makes dt forget the logical next image David Schaefer12/23/2016 09:07 PMgit master branch
11383BugNewLowArtefacts in zoomed out view with lanczos3 and lens correctionŽilvinas Žaltiena12/22/2016 07:36 PM2.2.0rc3
11382BugNewLowCopy local only copies group headDavid Schaefer12/22/2016 02:15 PMgit master branch
11380FeatureIncompleteLowUpdate build instructions for macOSCaleb Gregory12/22/2016 01:00 PMgit stable branch
11379BugNewLowButtons in import dialog not clickableJay Dee01/06/2017 07:29 PMCandidate for next patch release2.0.6
11374BugNewLowbacktrace on switching between fotos hin the same groupDavid Schaefer12/19/2016 10:39 PMgit master branch
11372Camera SupportIncompleteLowiPhone 6S RAWs (as DNG) appear abnormally darkNatalia Portillo12/19/2016 06:20 PM2.0.7
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