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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
9759FeatureClosed: won't fixLowSupport Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 5000 ED NEFszsolt bodaDevelopers01/17/2014 09:41 PM
8598FeatureClosed: won't fixLowSupport of Nikon V1 multiple pictures moderegiteric -07/25/2014 02:05 PMFuturegit development version
10328FeatureFixedLowSupport Panasonic FZ1000 RAW files (.RW2)kevin kempter02/17/2015 07:05 PM1.6.0
9365FeatureClosed: invalidLowSupport shortcuts for rating images from darkroom modeChris Siebenmann05/16/2013 04:58 PM
9663FeatureClosed: invalidLowSupport Unity progress bars in UbuntuEvan Derickson11/04/2013 01:17 AM
9951FeatureFixedLowsupport x-trans sensor raw filesDan Torop08/06/2014 11:39 AMCandidate for next major releasegit development version
8962FeatureClosed: won't fixLowSVG exporterJesper Pedersen09/30/2012 02:31 PM
8966FeatureClosed: won't fixLowSwitch from GTK+ to QtLadislav EzrDevelopers10/01/2012 06:52 PMFuture
8644FeatureFixedLowswitching plugins on and off expands/retracts pluginsRichard Wonka05/14/2012 12:42 AM---
9400FeatureFixedMediumswitch to show affected area for modulesRichard Wonka02/25/2015 03:25 PMCandidate for next major releasegit development version
8410FeatureFixedLowTag due to style remains attached even if history stack is deletedoliviertoulouse -Henrik Andersson08/01/2011 11:58 PM0.9.2
9088FeatureFixedLowtagging modules : search on sub-level of hierarchical tag is not workingChristian iugaPascal Obry09/14/2013 03:48 PM
8703FeatureFixedLowTag suggestion generation should be fasterJames C. McPhersonJames C. McPherson05/22/2012 12:19 AMCandidate for next patch release
8648FeatureFixedMediumThank you for this piece of software!Richard Wonka03/26/2012 08:53 AM
9484FeatureFixedLowthe Base Curve X-Axis could use a logarithmic mode to allow easier edit of medium and dark tone areaNicolas Dade09/08/2013 10:56 PM
8823FeatureFixedLowThumbnail generation should continue in backgroundDaniel WagenaarJohannes Hanika02/25/2015 02:47 PMFuturegit development version
8584FeatureClosed: won't fixLowto remember each collection positionZeus Panchenko12/06/2011 07:50 AM---
8394FeatureFixedHighTrouble when deleting images with duplicatesTobias EllinghausJose Carlos Garcia Sogo05/03/2011 08:34 PM0.8.1
10279FeatureClosed: won't fixLowTWAINPeter Kovář01/10/2015 09:22 PMFuturegit development version
10732FeatureClosed: invalidLowTyping only works when mouse is over areaJoe Giampaoli11/24/2015 05:19 PM2.0rc2
9656FeatureClosed: won't fixLow[UI] [crop/rotate module] Rotation ° scale sux: double accuracy for major use case?Walter de la Internet11/04/2013 03:14 AM
9655FeatureClosed: won't fixLow[UI] Exposure slider too sensitive (range ridiculously wide)Walter de la Internet11/04/2013 03:09 AM
8322FeatureClosed: won't fixLowUI Feature request: scroll bar light up when over bar at allTobias Ellinghaus12/19/2010 06:43 PM
8736FeatureClosed: won't fixLowUI Streamline: Make "blend, if" a checkbox instead of drop-down listRichard Wonka06/02/2012 03:00 PM
8592FeatureClosed: invalidLowUnable to find camera in database: NIKON CORPORATION NIKON 1 J1studiogrynn -10/03/2013 02:36 PMFuture
8757FeatureFixedMediumUnderexposure/Overexposure displayMarie-Noëlle AugendreDevelopers03/09/2013 01:48 PMCandidate for next minor release
10042FeatureDuplicateLowUndo?Cyril LEVIS08/09/2014 01:57 PMgit stable branch
9284FeatureClosed: won't fixLowUnity integration for git buildsRichard WonkaDevelopers02/28/2013 08:12 PM
10122FeatureFixedLowunordered list of tags in LighttableJozef Sivek07/24/2016 11:55 AM1.4.2
9620FeatureFixedMediumUpdating - Whitebalance extractTux User10/15/2013 05:47 PM
9435FeatureDuplicateLowUse arrows to move selected image in lighttableGonçalo Marrafa02/09/2015 01:48 PMgit development version
9029FeatureFixedMediumUse list instead of a table for plugin managerVitaliy Filippov10/29/2012 11:38 PMCandidate for next major release
10427FeatureClosed: won't fixLowUser defined RawSpeed camera metafileIouri Ivliev04/23/2015 08:03 PM1.6.4
9995FeatureFixedLowusermanualMichel LeblondUlrich Pegelow06/29/2014 12:59 PMCandidate for next major release
8798FeatureClosed: won't fixLowUse similarity engine for sortingRichard Wonka04/24/2014 05:36 PMFuture
9572FeatureFixedLowWant to Replace file on export fileChristian iuga04/23/2014 08:37 PM
9967FeatureFixedLowWatermark: add watermark rotationRoman Lebedev06/10/2014 09:27 AM
8743FeatureFixedMediumWatermark: Date expansionJesper PedersenTobias Ellinghaus06/03/2012 01:00 PMCandidate for next minor release
9277FeatureFixedLowWebP format support in export moduleAleksey Kunitskiy11/27/2014 05:06 PMCandidate for next major release1.2
8271FeatureFixedHighwe need a manualJohannes Hanika07/17/2011 08:28 AM
11721FeatureFixedLowWhat should be the default locale: user or system locale?Peter Budai01/18/2018 08:45 PM2.6.0git master branch
10602FeatureFixedLowWhen a file is missing in the raw cache warn about the original file being missing insteadAlex OrangePascal Obry10/30/2016 05:57 PM2.
12361FeatureClosed: invalidLowwhite balancemichael havens11/29/2018 02:13 PM2.
11834FeatureDuplicateLowwhite balance color indicator is IMHO wrongAxel Gerber11/27/2017 01:23 PM2.4.0git master branch
10546FeatureFixedLowWhite balance finetune not working for Canon EOS 60DRobert Hutton06/22/2015 03:04 PMCandidate for next major releasegit development version
9012FeatureFixedMediumWhite balance module: temperature sliders do not correspond to anythingRichard Levitte02/25/2015 03:13 PMgit development version
11979FeatureFixedLowWindows command line help parameterSami Cokar02/07/2018 09:30 PM2.
8554FeatureFixedLowZone system plugin layoutmarsalek -03/14/2012 01:13 AM---
12155FeatureFixedLowZoom values → Add 50%Timur Davletshin08/24/2018 09:51 AM2.
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