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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
8706FeatureClosed: won't fixLowShow import options while importingRichard Wonka05/29/2012 04:46 PM
8705FeatureClosed: won't fixLowSave UI real estate and clicks by using only one [import] buttonRichard Wonka05/29/2012 04:41 PM
8703FeatureFixedLowTag suggestion generation should be fasterJames C. McPhersonJames C. McPherson05/22/2012 12:19 AMCandidate for next patch release
8696FeatureFixedLowOpen multiple files from command line as collectionRichard Wonka05/13/2012 01:50 PM---
8689FeatureClosed: won't fixLowImage collections from Shotwell eventsRichard Wonka05/02/2012 06:54 AM---
8680FeatureFixedLowselective copy and paste with multiple targetsasdkant -12/02/2013 06:22 PMFuture
8677FeatureClosed: upstreamLow"import from camera" doesn't show thumbnailsxxvelcrar -04/24/2012 04:02 AM---
8660FeatureFixedLowadd links to help pagestetreb -Pascal Obry11/29/2018 02:13 PM2.
8659FeatureFixedLowEnable lensfun by default without overriding exif valuescebewee -Roman Lebedev05/10/2014 05:39 PMFuture
8658FeatureFixedLowAdd option "Original Size" in Export pluginRichard Wonka04/07/2012 12:30 PM---
8653FeatureClosed: invalidLowSuggestion of Improvementsdomenan -05/22/2012 12:03 AMFuture
8652FeatureFixedLowNext/Previous picture keys should be active also in Lighttable modeRichard Wonka04/17/2012 01:28 AMFuture
8649FeatureFixedLow[SOLVED] Top Panel Size and Fontdomenan -04/05/2012 01:26 PM---
8648FeatureFixedMediumThank you for this piece of software!Richard Wonka03/26/2012 08:53 AM
8645FeatureFixedLowRefactoring of [more plugins]Richard Wonka04/18/2012 07:51 AMFuture
8644FeatureFixedLowswitching plugins on and off expands/retracts pluginsRichard Wonka05/14/2012 12:42 AM---
8636FeatureFixedHigh[PATCH] Two bugs in presets functionalityIgor KuzminHenrik Andersson04/11/2012 10:46 PM1.0.3
8633FeatureFixedLowDarkroom, lens correction pluginjiehong -05/15/2014 12:08 AM
8630FeatureFixedLowFilter should reset to "all" on importbuggernaut -03/20/2012 05:16 PM1.0.3
8620FeatureFixedMediumHistory stack should'n compress stack after next/prev pictureungift-ed -Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo04/30/2015 12:01 AMCandidate for next major release
8616FeatureClosed: won't fixLowGUI contrast/brightness is kludgyirgendwoanders -Henrik Andersson02/25/2015 02:51 PMFuturegit development version
8615FeatureClosed: invalidLowEnhancement of curves in dr pluginsfrantisek_sidak -03/19/2012 02:32 PMFuture
8614FeatureFixedLowImage viewer & slideshow overlay to Web Export templatevsaussois -04/13/2012 01:31 PM1.0.3
8606FeatureFixedHighMissing header in LibRawjhegeman -Henrik Andersson03/16/2012 10:34 AM1.0.3
8603FeatureFixedLowOption to copy history stack when creating duplicateRussell Harrison03/19/2012 02:16 PMCandidate for next minor release
8601FeatureClosed: won't fixLowEqualizer mix setting not persistingRussell Harrison04/14/2012 11:53 PMFuture
8599FeatureFixedLowNikon V1 Raw file supportregiteric -02/14/2012 05:01 PMCandidate for next minor release
8598FeatureClosed: won't fixLowSupport of Nikon V1 multiple pictures moderegiteric -07/25/2014 02:05 PMFuturegit development version
8592FeatureClosed: invalidLowUnable to find camera in database: NIKON CORPORATION NIKON 1 J1studiogrynn -10/03/2013 02:36 PMFuture
8590FeatureFixedLowFacebook Export Modulerrenomeron -04/11/2012 09:40 AMCandidate for next minor release
8589FeatureFixedLowFlickr export module should support friends/family only permissionrrenomeron -01/29/2012 12:27 PM---
8588FeatureFixedLowLooks of histogrammarltu1 -12/28/2011 11:21 PM---
8586FeatureFixedLowSupport for Fuji X10 (libraw 0.14.4 upgrade)kaaloo -12/16/2011 10:58 AMCandidate for next minor release
8584FeatureClosed: won't fixLowto remember each collection positionZeus Panchenko12/06/2011 07:50 AM---
8580FeatureFixedHighAllow custom selection of plugins retained by the 'copy' button of history stack pluginmauritio -03/16/2012 10:43 AM---
8579FeatureFixedLowMake history stack clipboard available as 'style' in DR modemauritio -11/19/2011 03:33 PM---
8564FeatureFixedLowfilm strip prefetch is brokenJohannes Hanika10/23/2011 06:05 AM
8554FeatureFixedLowZone system plugin layoutmarsalek -03/14/2012 01:13 AM---
8549FeatureClosed: won't fixLowDisplay current collection name in top barmauritio -10/03/2013 02:38 PMFuture
8531FeatureFixedLowPatches for building on OS X 10.6.7 (GCC 4.6.1)jhegeman -Henrik Andersson09/01/2011 09:04 AM---
8525FeatureFixedLow[PATCH] SONY NEX-3 WB Presetsmcdebugger -09/02/2011 08:43 AM---
8515FeatureFixedLowReread/Sync button for xml sidecar filesstefaneb -11/03/2016 11:59 PMCandidate for next minor releasegit master branch
8506FeatureFixedLowPlease add a way to record camera-specific stuck pixelsdatabeaver -06/25/2011 10:10 PM0.9
8499FeatureClosed: invalidLowStrange behavior when double clickingAndré Reinald05/08/2013 01:12 AMCandidate for next patch release
8496FeatureFixedLowRun command on exported imagesChristian TellefsenChristian Tellefsen11/13/2013 11:59 PMCandidate for next minor release
8490FeatureFixedLowCollection plugin: missing fileskrisse -Henrik Andersson08/27/2014 01:05 AMFuturegit development version
8489FeatureFixedLowinput code path detection (libmagic)Johannes Hanika03/14/2012 12:44 AM0.8.1
8485FeatureFixedLowMore variable names in export selected images modulecru -Tobias Ellinghaus04/29/2011 08:10 PM---
8484FeatureFixedLowKeyboard shortcut for developing image from darkroomkrisse -06/25/2011 08:39 PM
8475FeatureFixedLow[patch] Scrolling at limits redraws image needlesslyinternetbummer -03/17/2011 10:45 AM---
8470FeatureFixedLow"in process" label for thumbnail in darkroom modeintegersf -08/02/2011 12:09 AM0.8
8468FeatureFixedLowMultithreaded export: # of exported images goes back & forthmilan_knizek -07/17/2011 09:19 AM0.8.1
8461FeatureFixedHighopenCL and rotate -> distortionsUlrich Pegelow03/16/2012 12:02 PM0.8.1
8451FeatureFixedLowremoving images takes too longrip-someday -Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo04/11/2011 08:00 PM---
8441FeatureFixedLowflag options for what to display on thumbframes lighttable and filmstripHenrik Andersson05/06/2014 03:34 PM---
8439FeatureFixedLowcollect images by exif dataJohannes Hanika03/07/2012 01:41 PM
8438FeatureDuplicateLowdisplay AF fields from exifJohannes Hanika04/23/2014 11:32 PM
8436FeatureFixedLowexported image exif information emptyvvenema -03/13/2012 11:50 PM0.9
8435FeatureFixedLowremembering last tabalexander_v_r -01/28/2011 11:11 AM0.8
8433FeatureFixedLowAdd a "save preset" to collection pluginAnonymousHenrik Andersson06/25/2011 08:34 PM0.9
8432FeatureFixedLowApply style on current image in darkroom mode..Henrik AnderssonHenrik Andersson01/26/2011 08:42 PM0.8
8425FeatureFixedLowadding EXIF_YEAR and EXIF_MONTH to available exporting stringsoliviertoulouse -01/23/2011 12:41 PM0.8
8424FeatureFixedLowAdding 5th rating starSimon SpannagelSimon Spannagel02/03/2011 02:37 AM---
8423FeatureFixedLowHaving shortcut "0" for setting zero rating starsSimon Spannagel02/21/2011 09:34 AM---
8420FeatureFixedLowNeutral Density: rotation as in crop modulesSimon Spannagel01/19/2011 11:26 AM---
8415FeatureFixedLowcamera import: using Exif-dateSimon Spannagel10/30/2016 05:57 PM2.2.0git development version
8410FeatureFixedLowTag due to style remains attached even if history stack is deletedoliviertoulouse -Henrik Andersson08/01/2011 11:58 PM0.9.2
8408FeatureFixedLowAdd --libary to command linecalca -01/17/2011 08:54 AM0.8
8401FeatureFixedHighre-organize module loadingJohannes HanikaJohannes Hanika01/24/2011 06:11 PM---
8397FeatureFixedLowIn lighttable, show the history stack as a tooltip (when hovering) to allow easy copy/pasteoliviertoulouse -Tobias Ellinghaus01/17/2011 04:47 PM0.8
8395FeatureFixedLowAllow the user to select images by file formatTobias Ellinghaus01/15/2011 06:33 PM0.8
8394FeatureFixedHighTrouble when deleting images with duplicatesTobias EllinghausJose Carlos Garcia Sogo05/03/2011 08:34 PM0.8.1
8388FeatureFixedLowImporting duplicates failsTobias Ellinghaus05/03/2011 08:35 PM0.8.1
8385FeatureClosed: won't fixHighdeleted images should go to "recycle bin" instead of being really deleted from fsoliviertoulouse -calca -12/08/2013 05:40 PMCandidate for next patch release
8383FeatureFixedLowmetadata panel in darkroom sometimes shows confusing infooliviertoulouse -01/05/2011 11:35 AM0.8
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