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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
10481BugNewLowIncorrect behaviour of Page Up / Page Down into LighttableMichel Corps05/23/2015 03:07 PM1.6.6
10088BugNewLowIncorrect cursor position scaling (high res. images @ high zoom)Walter de la Internet09/01/2014 01:36 PM1.4.2
9334BugConfirmedMediumIncorrect interaction between "orientation" and "crop and rotate: keystone" modulesDaniel Wagenaar01/27/2015 10:27 PMgit development version
10373FeatureNewLowIncrease maximum zoomSimone Gaiarin04/01/2017 07:37 PMgit development version
8942FeatureNewLowIncrease Range for Eq and DenoiseRick Gabriel09/23/2012 01:30 AM
9314FeatureTriagedLowIncrease visibility of slider handlesJeffrey Paul10/03/2013 01:34 PMCandidate for next major release
10784FeatureNewLowIncremental brush strokes for drawn mask opacityDunstan Vavasour12/16/2015 05:57 PM1.6.9
8805FeatureTriagedLowIn lightroom mode, file format hidden when thumbnail is squareMarie-Noëlle Augendre06/28/2012 01:21 PMFuture
11157BugNewLowInput focus issuesDries Feys09/17/2016 02:04 PM2.0.5
10820BugNewLowInput in tagging-module didn't overwrite selected textFrank Jäger12/28/2015 11:10 PMCandidate for next patch release2.0.0
11129BugIncompleteLowInstant crash on folder displayWalter de la Internet08/24/2016 09:02 PM2.0.5
11666FeatureNewLowIntegrate MozJPEG encoder (to produce more efficiently coded JPEG files)Sarge Borsch07/09/2017 03:13 PM2.2.5
10221BugNewLowIntel OpenCL is not working on OS XMoritz Moeller12/10/2014 09:40 PM1.6.0
9852BugNewMediumInterface becomes unresponsive when applying tags large number of filesStuart StentJose Carlos Garcia Sogo05/03/2014 01:13 AM1.4.1
10835BugTriagedLowInvert module seems not to work properlyJ. Casales01/06/2016 03:52 PMgit development version
8641FeatureIncompleteLowInvestigate if picasa and flickr api support hierarchical keywordsHenrik Andersson10/03/2013 02:24 PMFuture
11372Camera SupportIncompleteLowiPhone 6S RAWs (as DNG) appear abnormally darkNatalia Portillo12/19/2016 06:20 PM2.0.7
8539BugIn ProgressLowIPTC metadata from original file not included in exported filesRussell HarrisonJose Carlos Garcia Sogo04/11/2012 09:34 AMCandidate for next minor releasegit development version
10472BugNewLowI remove folder in "folder" mode in collections, is switch back to "film roll".Josef Rysanek05/19/2015 04:53 PM1.6.6
11058BugNewLowIssues with color profiles, color overexposure.Mikołaj Milej06/26/2016 11:00 PM2.0.4
10357BugNewLowIt crashes when exportingMiyagi da Veiga03/15/2015 03:11 PM1.6.3
11083FeatureTriagedLowKeybindings for metadataRichard Wonka07/21/2016 12:13 PM2.0.5
8850FeatureTriagedLowKeybindings for zooming should be globalRichard Wonka01/17/2018 08:06 PM
10145FeatureNewLowKeyboard controls to help tablet useMatthew Harrison09/27/2015 12:38 PMCandidate for next minor release1.4.2
11500FeatureNewLowKeyboard navigation for zoomed photos in darkroom viewJens Bang01/17/2018 08:07 PM2.2.3
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