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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
10689BugNewLowFrequent crashes of darktable under Mac OS X 10.11 (El Captain)Marco Wagner11/01/2015 01:55 PM1.6.9
10680BugTriagedLowMetadata is not refreshed when new versions of darktable or exiv2 produce different resultsPiotr Ryszkiewicz10/27/2015 07:52 PM1.6.8
10675BugNewLowPolish language file problemMichał Machowski10/21/2015 12:16 PM1.6.8
10658BugNewLowgui glitch: names of modules do not align on right module panelUlrich Pegelow10/08/2015 09:40 PMgit development version
10648BugConfirmedLowCrop and rotate & Lens correction module adds vertical dotted line in exported pictureKároly Harmath10/29/2015 08:09 AM1.6.8
10647BugIncompleteLowDarktable falls and closes itself - all work disappearJiri Valnoha10/07/2015 10:04 PM1.6.8
10635BugNewLowdarkable VNG4 debayer algorithm produces banding-like artifactsNikita Kipriyanov09/15/2015 12:13 PM1.6.8
10633BugNewLowWatermark doesn't update the imageSalvatore De Paolis09/14/2015 06:32 AMgit stable branch
10627BugNewLowLighttable : can't note with keypadChristian iuga09/06/2015 12:31 AM1.6.8
10626BugNewLowUI hang on Mac OS XBob Collins06/26/2016 07:42 PM1.6.8
10624BugIncompleteLowHaving mounted a Smartphone may be confusingTorsten Bronger11/05/2015 01:11 PMgit development version
10619BugIncompleteLow'difficult' lighting causes completely black file exportRobin Rainton08/26/2015 04:51 PM1.6.7
10614BugIncompleteLowDuplicate 'ghost' images left when moving foldersRobin Rainton12/31/2015 04:27 PM1.6.7
10612BugNewLowLighttable UI is not updated (redrawn) in the full-screen when screen resolution is bellow or equal to the HiDPI mode of 1280x800pxJozef Sivek08/24/2015 04:11 PM1.6.8
10608BugNewLowImport image and import folder file dialog does not respond to mouse clicksArnout Boelens08/13/2015 06:08 PM1.6.8
10599BugTriagedLowLightable does not set/unset the darktable|changed tag when manipulating historyM B08/03/2015 05:29 PMgit development version
10598BugNewLowClosing crop module early changes crop regionM B08/03/2015 04:48 PMgit development version
10593BugTriagedLowInconsistency in multi_name, written as "" or " "M B10/08/2015 10:33 PM1.6.7
10589BugNewLowdarktable import freezes on missing thumbnail in imageUlrich Kiermayr07/31/2015 01:40 PMCandidate for next patch release1.6.7
10586BugNewLowCrash when dragging multiple images in map viewArvid Rudling07/18/2015 01:18 AM1.6.7
10585BugNewLowLighttable : directory filterEric Seigne07/14/2015 10:20 AM1.6.7
10580BugNewLowProfiled noise reduction adds green noiseSven Greiner07/08/2015 02:17 PM1.6.7
10579BugNewLowgui issue on "new instance"Ulrich Pegelow07/07/2015 09:48 PMgit development version
10578BugNewLowstrange colors on exported and reimported imagesGianni Carabelli07/08/2015 08:27 PMgit development version
10577BugTriagedLowcrop, rotation and keystone information text in a view of Darkroom is illegibleJozef Sivek07/08/2015 02:19 PMgit development version
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