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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
9466BugFixedMediumOld blendif / parametric mask parameters are not honored correctlyMax KillerUlrich Pegelow06/18/2013 07:34 PM1.2.1git development version
9436BugFixedMediumImporting Lightroom: Some files are not rotated (even after some issues have been fixed)Nikolaus KrismerPascal Obry05/30/2013 05:32 PM1.2.1git development version
9426BugFixedLowblendif display mask is broken in some modules Serge GavrilovUlrich Pegelow05/17/2013 02:58 PM1.2.11.2
9413BugFixedMediumDarktable 1.2 crash on going to the next photo in the film (a space or a click)Людмила Бандурина10/03/2013 07:36 PM1.2.11.2
9387BugFixedLowFreeze when opening 1D Mark I raw files in dt 1.2Bo ZhangDevelopers11/14/2013 01:18 PM1.2.11.2
9353FeatureFixedLowNoise profile submission: Canon EOS 1D Mark IIIBo ZhangBo Zhang04/23/2014 08:22 PM1.2.1
9267BugClosed: invalidLowLive View Overlay Double ImageChris NuzzacoTobias Ellinghaus05/23/2013 03:34 PM1.2.1git development version
9261BugTriagedMedium"don't use embedded jpeg but half-size raw" results in touched historySimon Spannagel07/01/2014 01:20 AM1.2.1git development version
9176BugFixedHighSEGV crash when cropping picturesDaniel Blueman12/12/2013 04:17 PM1.2.11.2
9109BugTriagedLowCrop and rotate does not respect shown aspect ratio when using on/off switchMarkus Kanet05/08/2013 01:03 AM1.2.1git development version
9092BugFixedLowcompressed thumbnails have visual artifacts in left and right bordersIgor Kuzmin10/17/2015 11:08 PM1.2.11.2
8750BugTriagedLow Select first keyword suggestion with single down arrow (instead of 2) F M05/07/2013 10:23 PM1.2.1git development version
8626BugClosed: won't fixLowDarktable: photo displayed too smallsebix - Sebastian10/05/2013 11:07 PM1.2.1git development version
8473BugFixedLowexported TIFF missing ImageLength field, incompatible with ImageMagick identify commandautark -Edouard Gomez09/20/2014 12:56 AM1.2.11.2

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