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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
12541BugClosed: upstreamLowIntel "NEO" opencl drivers brokenDamian D. Martinez DreyerPascal Obry01/14/2019 07:34 AMFuturegit stable branch
10782BugFixedLowDarktable uses deprecated OpenCL compiler optionMichał NowakowskiUlrich Pegelow12/22/2015 10:50 PMFuture1.6.9
10769BugClosed: won't fixLowAlight module titles the the leftalex holm12/12/2015 05:39 PMFuture1.6.9
10306BugFixedLowlighttable shows black thumbs on photos without a history stackMarkus KanetRoman Lebedev02/04/2015 06:50 AMFuturegit development version
10279FeatureClosed: won't fixLowTWAINPeter Kovář01/10/2015 09:22 PMFuturegit development version
10278FeatureClosed: won't fixLowBPG I/OPeter Kovář01/10/2015 09:13 PMFuturegit development version
10275Camera SupportFixedLowNoise Profile for Nikon Coolpix P7700Roland Kluge10/20/2015 09:20 PMFuturegit development version
10071BugDuplicateLowThe manual adjustment of the correction lens does not work.Mario Fernández08/22/2014 07:38 PMFuturegit stable branch
10070FeatureClosed: invalidMediumprogress indicator or cancel button when applying CPU intensive tasksLeonardo Canducci08/21/2014 12:59 AMFuture1.4.2
10065BugClosed: invalidLowTesting the system y0Test User08/22/2014 07:48 PMFuturegit stable branch
10024FeatureClosed: won't fixLowPentax K-3 Multi White Balance supportMarcin Gwizdal07/27/2014 04:00 PMFuturegit development version
9830FeatureFixedLow"darktable-lua" command to invoke a Lua scriptFraser McCrossanJérémy Rosen11/22/2014 11:58 AMFuture1.4
9797BugFixedLowHeader menu bar disappered in darkroom mode and all arrows are collapsed when entering this modeNicolas ****02/01/2014 09:29 PMFuture1.4
9747BugFixedLowImported TIFF exhibits bogus color fringingTorsten Bronger01/04/2014 02:47 PMFuturegit development version
9745BugFixedLowDarktable 1.4 crashes on vuescan DNGIan van der Neut10/18/2015 08:11 PMFuture1.4
9723FeatureFixedLowHotkeys to modify brushjuan luis fernández gallo09/28/2015 03:00 PMFuture
9709FeatureFixedLowlighttable: put preview under z, preview with focus detection under ctrl-zJochem Kossen10/06/2014 01:39 AMFuturegit development version
9691FeatureFixedLowGeotagging: use altitude when availableAlexander SteffenRoman Lebedev07/06/2015 12:24 AMFuturegit development version
9631FeatureFixedLowDark window borders for Gnome 3False IdentityRoman Lebedev01/10/2015 09:32 PMFuturegit development version
9624BugFixedLowGPX reading: False complaints about <time> tagTorsten Bronger11/30/2015 03:22 PMFuturegit development version
9541FeatureFixedLowDefine default languageRichard Wonka07/31/2013 01:27 PMFuture
9533FeatureClosed: won't fixLowBook moduleJavier Lezama07/25/2014 02:13 PMFuturegit development version
9459BugFixedMediumUnable to choose between lighttable, darkroom, tethering, and mapMatthew Halbert06/09/2013 06:41 PMFuturegit development version
9440BugClosed: invalidLowembeded jpeg preview setting is really confusingAntoine Beaupré05/27/2013 12:24 AMFuture1.2
9431BugFixedHighLighttable deletes wrong pictureSebastian Stein12/16/2013 10:19 PMFuturegit development version
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