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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
8508BugFixedLowDarktable 0.8 generate wrong histogramm for first entering in darkroom modeoivanenko -07/25/2011 05:09 AM0.8
8504BugFixedLowFlip image icons are swappedteel -07/01/2011 05:42 PM0.8
8497BugFixedLowincomplete gtk themebremner -06/10/2011 09:18 PM0.8
8470FeatureFixedLow"in process" label for thumbnail in darkroom modeintegersf -08/02/2011 12:09 AM0.8
8469BugFixedLowfilmroll doesn't import / create thumbnailsintegersf -03/13/2012 11:34 PM0.8
8454BugFixedLowwhen demosaicing with median some RAW from EOS 5d Mk II, dt creates color artefacts (pink)oliviertoulouse -02/13/2011 04:13 PM0.8
8443BugFixedHighDarktable crash when exporting an imagerealthargor -04/28/2011 10:26 PM0.8
8437BugFixedLowremoving a folder is not possible any moreoliviertoulouse -07/17/2011 09:00 AM0.8
8435FeatureFixedLowremembering last tabalexander_v_r -01/28/2011 11:11 AM0.8
8432FeatureFixedLowApply style on current image in darkroom mode..Henrik AnderssonHenrik Andersson01/26/2011 08:42 PM0.8
8430BugFixedLowAdd EV step counter for defining EV steps between bracketsHenrik AnderssonHenrik Andersson01/26/2011 10:13 PM0.8
8428BugFixedLowNew collection filtering spams alot of sqlite errorsHenrik Andersson06/10/2011 11:46 PM0.8
8425FeatureFixedLowadding EXIF_YEAR and EXIF_MONTH to available exporting stringsoliviertoulouse -01/23/2011 12:41 PM0.8
8419BugFixedLowPosition of purple color label wrongSimon Spannagel01/19/2011 06:34 PM0.8
8409BugFixedLowWhen creating a new style, items not selected are also marked "Off" even after being selectedoliviertoulouse -03/07/2012 01:30 PM0.8
8408FeatureFixedLowAdd --libary to command linecalca -01/17/2011 08:54 AM0.8
8406BugFixedLowSegmentation fault on importbigfan2 -02/01/2011 01:22 PM0.8
8398BugFixedHighdt crashes when pasting history stack to many pictures (>4) in lighttableoliviertoulouse -01/11/2011 10:56 AM0.8
8397FeatureFixedLowIn lighttable, show the history stack as a tooltip (when hovering) to allow easy copy/pasteoliviertoulouse -Tobias Ellinghaus01/17/2011 04:47 PM0.8
8395FeatureFixedLowAllow the user to select images by file formatTobias Ellinghaus01/15/2011 06:33 PM0.8
8390BugFixedLowimported from device film roll isn't added to all film rolls listIgor KuzminTobias Ellinghaus01/06/2011 11:11 PM0.8
8384BugFixedLowKeep src/ cleanTobias EllinghausTobias Ellinghaus01/15/2011 12:59 PM0.8
8383FeatureFixedLowmetadata panel in darkroom sometimes shows confusing infooliviertoulouse -01/05/2011 11:35 AM0.8
8382BugFixedHighMipmap sql references in the codeTobias Ellinghaus01/05/2011 02:07 PM0.8
8381BugFixedLowGreen highlights with demosaicAnonymous03/16/2012 09:31 AM0.8
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