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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
8787BugClosed: invalidCriticalRandom freezes in all versionsFlorian RichterDevelopers06/18/2012 03:22 PM---1.0.4
8695BugFixedMediumHDR green imagecoudysk -Johannes Hanika10/29/2014 07:40 PM---git development version
8693BugFixedLowNo feedback about missing file when changing to next image in DRRichard Wonka05/03/2012 09:22 AM---
8692BugTriagedLowNo feedback about missing file when changing to next image in DRRichard Wonka05/02/2012 07:43 AM---git development version
8690BugFixedLowAll my trac tickets are owned by "jo" - How come?Richard WonkaSimon Spannagel05/02/2012 07:31 AM---
8687BugDuplicateLowlightroom - continuous image selection (SHIFT key) - first image is unstarredtetreb -05/01/2012 03:56 PM---git development version
8682BugDuplicateLowcropping at max zoom level has weird artifactsxxvelcrar -04/27/2012 03:46 AM---git development version
8679BugFixedLowUI broken after importRichard Wonka04/25/2012 02:05 PM---git development version
8676BugClosed: upstreamLowimport from camera doesn't rescanxxvelcrar -04/24/2012 03:54 AM---git development version
8669BugFixedLowHighpass plugin doesn't remember blend mode when auto-appliedRichard Wonka04/26/2012 06:15 PM---
8655BugFixedLowZones plugin: Thumbnail only becomes visible when handle is movedRichard Wonka04/09/2012 08:30 PM---
8650BugClosed: upstreamLowImport CR2 from camera doesn't show thumbnailsEmmanuel Lacour03/29/2012 12:28 PM---1.0.4
8647BugFixedHighplugin sequence should be configurableRichard Wonka03/26/2012 10:05 AM---
8643BugFixedLowOrientation of crop is lost when changing aspect ratiojp-random -04/09/2012 10:02 PM---
8640BugDuplicateHighDarktable segfaults on importingjarda-wien -05/06/2012 01:25 AM---1.0.4
8638BugClosed: invalidMediumCompilation problem on CentOS 6nono22 -Henrik Andersson03/26/2012 09:54 AM---git development version
8629BugFixedLowimage size in darkroom mode too smallsmu99 -03/19/2012 09:05 AM---
8619BugFixedMediumGUI not always fully updated when switching to Darkroom modejfendler -04/29/2012 01:08 PM---git development version
8618BugFixedCriticalCannot Launch Darktable in Mac OSXmarksimon -03/10/2012 09:52 AM---git development version
8612BugClosed: invalidHighfont problem on mac os 10.6.8utnik -03/18/2012 01:14 PM---0.9.3
8609BugFixedLowloading corrupted images displays rapidly-changing tooltipxxvelcrar -03/14/2012 01:37 AM---
8608BugFixedLowclicking on corrupted item causes DT to crashxxvelcrar -03/19/2012 02:06 PM---
8605BugFixedHighrace condition in dt_dev_process_image_job()tony2001 -02/19/2012 11:11 AM---
8600BugClosed: invalidLowCreate HDR does not work (canon sraw CR2, EOS 40D)polgarn -07/28/2013 01:16 PM---git development version
8596BugFixedCriticalDarkroom freezes after deletion of some imagestkijas -03/14/2012 01:32 AM---
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