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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
12526BugFixedLowgeotagging images on filter collection : display is inverted between tagged ones and no tagged onesNicolas AuffrayPascal Obry01/16/2019 10:24 AM2.6.1git master branch
11954FeatureFixedLowSave presets in "Find location" module of Map viewMartin Scharnke02/07/2018 09:30 PM2.6.0git master branch
11826BugClosed: invalidLowMissing GPS data from DNGTimothy Spear11/22/2017 11:32 AM2.4.0git master branch
11741BugFixedLowSearching for locations in map view brokenTobias Ellinghaus09/16/2017 02:16 PM2.4.0git master branch
11435BugFixedLowUnable to parse GPX fileHardy Wang01/10/2017 09:22 PM2.
10916BugFixedLowbuild error on Debian 8 with commit 5e9ada4ce7c946fb986d60fee316cd628aec3f46Christian KanzianTobias Ellinghaus10/30/2016 06:02 PM2.2.0git development version
10914BugFixedLowwrong map-scale after finding a geolocation by nameFrank JägerTobias Ellinghaus10/30/2016 08:36 PM2.
10707BugFixedLowGeotagging should accept uppercase .GPX extension as a GPS data exchange formatJean-Luc CoulonRoman Lebedev11/08/2015 11:35 PMgit development version
10682BugFixedLowDark table barfs at mygpx fileLudovic Hirlimann11/06/2015 04:00 PMCandidate for next major release2.0rc1
10420BugClosed: invalidLowSubsequent addition of GPS coordinates not reflected in lighttableAnonymous05/10/2015 01:19 AM1.6.4
10295BugClosed: invalidLowApply GPX track file can't match anything on OSXSergei Datsenko01/28/2015 12:12 PM1.6.0
10253FeatureClosed: invalidLowFix wrong user input in geotagging offset and/or give users errormessagesJan St12/29/2014 09:55 PMCandidate for next minor releasegit development version
9992BugClosed: invalidMediumVery wrong GPS coordinatesMichael HoltermannTobias Ellinghaus04/17/2015 08:19 PM1.4.2
9979FeatureFixedLowKML Export of GeoTaged ImagesTobias JakobsTobias Jakobs12/26/2014 10:11 PM
9948BugFixedLowFake gps coordinates addedP BTobias Ellinghaus05/08/2014 09:32 PMgit development version
9725BugFixedLowNumpad and Geotagging PanelP BTobias Ellinghaus12/19/2013 12:00 PMCandidate for next minor releasegit development version
9691FeatureFixedLowGeotagging: use altitude when availableAlexander SteffenRoman Lebedev07/06/2015 12:24 AMFuturegit development version
9665BugFixedLowMap: Unable to toggle filmstripWalter de la InternetTobias Ellinghaus11/04/2013 02:38 PMCandidate for next minor releasegit development version
9661BugClosed: invalidLowMap: Unable to manually geotag imagesWalter de la Internet11/04/2013 02:54 AMgit stable branch
9624BugFixedLowGPX reading: False complaints about <time> tagTorsten Bronger11/30/2015 03:22 PMFuturegit development version
9601BugClosed: invalidLowWhile geotagging the time offset should not change the time of the pictureSzabolcs SzilágyiTobias Ellinghaus10/01/2013 07:56 PMgit stable branch
9586BugClosed: upstreamLowMissing OpenStreetMap reference in map tabGermano Massullo11/06/2017 06:07 PM2.
9475BugFixedLowosm-gps-map license and files need updateTogan Muftuoglu02/25/2015 03:30 PMgit development version
9394BugFixedLowUnable to select all photos on the film strip in the map viewVlad Berditschewski04/27/2013 01:31 PM1.2
9279BugFixedMediumDarktable corrupts geotag dataTorsten BrongerTobias Ellinghaus09/28/2013 12:54 AMgit development version
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