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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
12058FeatureNewLowUpdate user manual for 2.4 and release as PDFPeter MUlrich Pegelow03/06/2018 07:19 PM2.4.1
11907BugTriagedMediumUsermanual: show anchorsRoman Lebedev01/10/2018 11:05 AMgit master branch
11882FeatureTriagedLowPlease document bauhaus widgetIlya Korneychuk12/27/2017 02:02 PMgit master branch
11778Camera SupportNewLowReview of "What's involved with adding support for new cameras" blog articleDezo Mesko10/22/2017 11:29 PMgit master branch
11615BugFixedLowMaking input images for darktable-chart documentation issueAndreas Mueller05/24/2017 10:22 PM2.
11614BugNewLowBase curve generation documentation online out of sync with scriptsAndreas Mueller05/14/2017 09:07 PMgit master branch
11431FeatureNewLowUsermanual needs to explain about library lockBruce Williams01/04/2017 11:38 PMgit master branch
11371BugClosed: invalidLowGroup Head documentation is invalidDavid Schaefer12/21/2016 02:10 PM2.
11349BugNewLowUsermanual: some way to separate untranlatable stringsRoman Lebedev12/08/2016 01:46 PMFuturegit master branch
11348FeatureNewLowUsermanual: dt icon on first page of PDFRoman Lebedev12/06/2016 04:39 PMgit master branch
11301BugClosed: invalidLowLua API documentation for event intermediate-export-image has wrong parameter count/typesJames Bowen11/09/2016 07:58 PM2.
11237BugFixedLowDoc: --library should mention .lockStefan Hoffmeister10/30/2016 05:54 PM2.
11094BugNewLowVelvia documentation inconsistentIstvan Kovacs10/05/2016 01:22 PMgit master branch
11026BugNewLowGlobal preferences: GUI options: "creator/publisher/rights to be applied when importing" do not workLucas ZamboulisUlrich Pegelow05/13/2016 03:30 PMgit development version
11005FeatureFixedLowDarktable manual : more detailed wording of paragraph Verrue10/30/2016 05:57 PM2.
10722BugFixedLowmissing dependency check for convert command on darktable-usermanualRobert Hutton11/17/2015 03:09 PMCandidate for next major releasegit development version
10666BugFixedLowFrench translation of the usermanual; Messages containing tag <programlisting> are not translatedMichel Leblond10/14/2015 10:00 PMCandidate for next major releasegit development version
10665BugClosed: won't fixLowparameters explanations are not translated in locale translation of the user manualMichel Leblond10/17/2015 01:40 PMCandidate for next major releasegit development version
10645BugClosed: upstreamLowUser manual's compilation failed Michel Leblond10/17/2015 04:59 PMCandidate for next major releasegit development version
10554BugFixedLowUser manual, lua chapterMichel Leblond07/01/2015 12:04 PMCandidate for next major releasegit development version
10506BugFixedLowUser manual, lua chapterMichel Leblond06/01/2015 10:40 AMCandidate for next major releasegit development version
10485BugFixedLowUndocumented "white point adjustment" in shadhi moduleMatthieu MoyUlrich Pegelow10/16/2015 11:06 PMgit development version
10399BugConfirmedLowUser manual has incorrect screenshot for denoise (bilateral)Robert Hutton04/02/2015 10:25 PM1.6.3
10311BugTriagedLowConfig entry "minimum ... memory ... tiling" can't be set to 0Matthieu Moy10/16/2015 10:47 PMgit development version
10189BugNewLowUsermanualMichel Leblond11/07/2014 09:56 AMCandidate for next major releasegit development version
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