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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
12402Camera SupportClosed: invalidHighFichiers raw non reconnusGérard FETILLEUX11/29/2018 11:52 PM2.
12322Camera SupportFixedMediumSupport Nikon Z7Luc ViatourRoman Lebedev11/29/2018 02:11 PM2.6.0git master branch
12289Camera SupportFixedMediumPanasonic DC-FZ80 supportJeffrey BuchbinderRoman Lebedev08/24/2018 09:51 AM2.6.0git master branch
11999Camera SupportFixedMediumUncompressed 16-bit DNG's are broken.a dgRoman Lebedev04/11/2018 08:57 PM2.6.0git master branch
11748Camera SupportFixedMediumNoise profile for Olympus PEN E-P5Šarūnas BurdulisStefan Schöfegger10/29/2017 08:40 PM2.4.0git master branch
11600Camera SupportFixedMediumPentax KP supportAl BognerRoman Lebedev12/29/2017 09:39 PM2.6.0git master branch
11355BugFixedMediumrawspeed getCamera() with prefix-search issueRoman LebedevRoman Lebedev02/04/2017 04:07 PM2.4.0git master branch
11346Camera SupportFixedMediumSupport for SONY A99IIChris A12/11/2016 01:59 PM2.
11294BugFixedHighColor profiles in wrong orderSzilárd VargaTobias Ellinghaus11/08/2016 10:12 PM2.2.0git master branch
11272BugFixedMediumModule `demosaic' outputs NaNs! [preview]Roman Lebedev11/08/2016 03:46 PM2.2.0git master branch
11268Camera SupportIn ProgressMediumNikon D5100 is lying that compressed is uncompressedRoman Lebedev11/18/2016 02:45 PMFuturegit master branch
11145Camera SupportFixedMediumNoise Profile Canon PowerShot G3 XPete Hall06/15/2017 04:06 PM2.
11126BugClosed: upstreamMediumCan not set keyboard shortcutsMartin Dahlgren01/29/2017 08:39 PM2.2.0git master branch
11124BugFixedCriticalSomething causes multi_name to go to wrong history items.Roman Lebedev10/30/2016 06:01 PM2.2.0git master branch
11108BugFixedMediumCameras.xml name "de-"mangling is broken, especially for nikonAndreas Schneider11/17/2016 09:12 PM2.2.0git master branch
11092FeatureFixedMediumHightlights reconstruction: Lch: needs OpenCL kernel updateRoman LebedevUlrich Pegelow10/30/2016 05:58 PM2.2.0git development version
11071Camera SupportDuplicateMediumCamera support for Canon EOS-1D X Mark IIPier re10/30/2016 06:05 PM2.2.0git development version
11070Camera SupportFixedMediumEOS-1D X Mark IIThomas BaerRoman Lebedev10/30/2016 05:57 PM2.
11047BugNewMediumsegfault due to double free while importing stuffJan Kundrát01/17/2018 06:19 PMgit development version
10974BugPatch attachedMediumLens correction before exposureRoman Lebedev10/05/2018 12:12 AMgit development version
10913BugFixedHighdarktable-rs-identify broke buildRoman LebedevRoman Lebedev10/30/2016 06:02 PM2.2.0git development version
10733BugClosed: invalidMediumPentax/Sigma lens recognitionRob Oo11/23/2015 04:14 PMgit development version
10539BugFixedHigh_dt_history_cleanup_multi_instance() "cleanups" even non-MI iopsJan KundrátJan Kundrát06/17/2015 01:49 AMgit development version
10537BugFixedMediumDeadlock when switching from darkroom to lighttable in src/iop/spots.cJan KundrátRoman Lebedev11/16/2015 10:23 PMgit development version
10386BugFixedHighdarktable freezes when clicking on an unready thumbnail to go into darkroom modeSerge GavrilovRoman Lebedev02/19/2016 03:19 AMgit development version
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