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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
12534BugClosed: upstreamLowcrash in Exiv2::Internal::resolveLens0x3f()Géraldine Woerner01/07/2019 11:11 PM2.
12380BugFixedHighmaster branch fails to buildAlexandre Prokoudine11/29/2018 02:13 PM2.6.0git master branch
12364BugNewLowwindows build failurePhilippe Weyland12/09/2018 09:57 PMgit master branch
12359BugNewLowwindows build crashPhilippe Weyland12/09/2018 09:57 PMgit master branch
12206BugNewLowWindows: export photo from Darktable only possible to C-driveRob Schulp05/28/2018 11:42 AM2.4.3
12191BugNewLowCrash darktable after windows upgrade version 1803Michel PETTE05/09/2018 07:34 PM2.4.3
11943BugFixedLowCompiling For WindowsJim Robinson01/24/2018 02:22 PM2.6.0git master branch
11926BugIncompleteLowlauch darktable 2.4.0 after make install impossiblechristophe ROUSSEAU01/13/2018 12:36 AMCandidate for next major release2.4.0
11839BugFixedLowJsonschema fails to validate noiseprofiles.json during buildR -12/17/2017 05:57 PM2.4.0git master branch
11836BugFixedLowCompilation error on W10Jean-Luc Fornac11/29/2017 12:35 AM2.4.0git master branch
11833BugClosed: invalidLowcmake 3.10.0 makes libxml2 not to be found --> compile of dt failsAxel Gerber10/10/2018 11:19 PM2.6.0git master branch
11740BugFixedLow"Could not find clang opencl-c.h header include dir" on Fedora 26 x86-64Aleksey Konovalov09/15/2017 01:22 PM2.4.0git master branch
11727BugClosed: upstreamLowWarning compiling from gitPaolo Astengo09/14/2017 12:52 AM2.4.0git master branch
11642BugClosed: upstreamLowmake fails for target 'data/CMakeFiles/darktable.appdata_file.dir/allWalter Fitis06/15/2017 04:07 PM2.4.0git master branch
11464BugFixedLowDarktable 2.2.0 don't build on Debian 8.7Tomás Senabre GonzálezRoman Lebedev01/21/2017 02:09 PM2.
11436BugClosed: won't --skip-build fails since commit b82d189e00a8741cd1fce5207f60814c1959cc7fYves Deweerdt01/10/2017 09:22 PM2.4.0git master branch
11392BugClosed: upstreamLowLens profiles used in Ubuntu PPA builds are incorrectSergei Datsenko12/27/2016 09:37 PM2.
11380FeatureIncompleteLowUpdate build instructions for macOSCaleb Gregory03/21/2017 12:27 AMgit stable branch
11199BugClosed: upstreamLowCurrent git version does not build on GentooNick Kachulin10/30/2016 06:05 PM2.2.0git master branch
11133BugFixedLowOS X build fails to find libpugixmlMoritz Moeller10/30/2016 06:01 PM2.2.0git master branch
11119BugNewLow2.0.5 on mac : display issue in 1440*900laurent wawrzyniak08/19/2016 05:13 PM2.0.5
11107FeatureNewLowNew dependencies needed to build latest master on OS XMoritz Moeller08/10/2016 04:40 PMgit master branch
11102BugFixedLowMap- and Geotagging-Modules should be independentMarkus Kaindl10/30/2016 06:01 PM2.
11098BugFixedLowMaster branch does not compile: error: shadowed declaration is hereBogdan Hlevca10/30/2016 06:01 PM2.2.0git development version
10993BugDuplicateLowGNOME 3.20 breaks git build (deprecated features)Tuan Kiet Ho10/30/2016 06:06 PM2.2.0git development version
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