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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
11008BugTriagedLowcannot leave slideshow view with ESC keyUlrich Pegelow04/26/2016 02:49 AMCandidate for next minor releasegit development version
10808BugFixedLowintersections in path shapes processed incorrectlyUlrich PegelowAldric Renaudin10/30/2016 06:02 PM2.
10720BugDuplicateLowdeadlock while switching viewsUlrich Pegelow11/15/2015 10:02 AM2.0rc1
10703BugFixedLowgui glitch: field names do not align correctly in "new preset" dialogUlrich PegelowTobias Ellinghaus11/08/2015 11:34 PMCandidate for next major release2.0rc1
10695BugFixedLowdarktable unselective when trying to read input and output color profilesUlrich PegelowTobias Ellinghaus11/03/2015 06:59 PMCandidate for next major release2.0rc1
10668BugFixedLownew print view should have a keyboard shortcutUlrich PegelowPascal Obry10/16/2015 08:54 AMCandidate for next major releasegit development version
10658BugNewLowgui glitch: names of modules do not align on right module panelUlrich Pegelow10/08/2015 09:40 PMgit development version
10579BugNewLowgui issue on "new instance"Ulrich Pegelow07/07/2015 09:48 PMgit development version
10542BugFixedLowgui glitch in collect imagesUlrich PegelowPascal Obry06/21/2015 11:41 AMCandidate for next major releasegit development version
10484BugFixedCriticalWeird behavior of multi-instanceUlrich Pegelow05/25/2015 10:47 PMgit development version
10431BugFixedLowslideshow crashes on miniature imagesUlrich Pegelow04/26/2015 04:46 PMgit development version
10402BugFixedLowgui glitches in exposure, levels & export modulesUlrich PegelowTobias Ellinghaus04/16/2015 03:13 PMgit development version
10367BugFixedLowno tablet support in development versionUlrich PegelowUlrich Pegelow03/26/2015 08:01 PMgit development version
10332BugFixedLowCrash after having left print viewUlrich PegelowPascal Obry02/18/2015 11:41 PMgit development version
10113BugFixedLowmodule temperature wrongly activated for exotic LDRsUlrich PegelowUlrich Pegelow09/20/2014 11:27 AMgit development version
10109BugFixedHighSegfault on startupUlrich PegelowRoman Lebedev09/18/2014 08:00 PMgit development version
10003BugFixedLowgraphical glitches in previewUlrich PegelowTobias Ellinghaus07/08/2014 08:33 PMCandidate for next patch releasegit development version
9937BugNewLowNew lua usermanual generator from pull request 541 does not workUlrich PegelowJérémy Rosen12/06/2016 02:47 PMCandidate for next minor releasegit development version
9713BugFixedMediumsporadic crash when removing imagesUlrich Pegelow04/06/2015 07:57 AMgit development version
9671BugFixedLowgraphical glitch in zoomable light table modeUlrich Pegelow11/14/2013 08:32 AMCandidate for next minor releasegit development version
9621BugFixedCriticaldarktable deletes all but the first sidecar files when images are removed from a collectionUlrich PegelowUlrich Pegelow10/22/2013 08:41 PMCandidate for next minor releasegit development version
9303BugNewLowtoggle of group view makes zoomable lighttable view "jumpy"Ulrich PegelowTobias Ellinghaus03/17/2013 08:53 PMgit development version
9285BugFixedLowin lighttable pressing "z" only works once a thumbnail has been clickedUlrich Pegelow03/05/2013 03:42 PMgit development version
9278BugFixedMediumcrash in module spot removalUlrich Pegelow02/26/2013 11:56 PMCandidate for next minor releasegit development version
9182BugFixedLowlightable loses focus of current image when fully zoomed inUlrich PegelowJose Carlos Garcia Sogo01/31/2013 11:20 PMgit development version
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