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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
10802Camera SupportFixedLowCamera support for Fujifilm X100T Francisco CribariPedro Côrte-Real10/30/2016 05:57 PM2.2.02.0rc4
10657BugFixedLowBad pixel elimination not working on RW2 filesMartin StraubPedro Côrte-Real10/09/2015 01:55 AMgit development version
10656Camera SupportFixedLowCanon Powershot G3X supportGirts GailansPedro Côrte-Real10/06/2015 11:43 PMgit development version
10644Camera SupportFixedLowCamera SONY ILCE-7M2,White balance presetsTom JerryPedro Côrte-Real09/27/2015 04:52 PM1.6.8
10606Camera SupportFixedLowCanon PowerShot SX60 HS noise profileChristoph SchmidtPedro Côrte-Real08/25/2015 09:32 PM1.6.8
10605Camera SupportFixedLowCanon PowerShot SX60 HSChristoph SchmidtPedro Côrte-Real08/25/2015 09:34 PMCandidate for next minor release1.6.8
10600Camera SupportFixedLowFuji XM-1 WB PresetsFrancesco MordentiPedro Côrte-Real10/17/2015 04:56 PM1.6.8
10588Camera SupportFixedLowFuji X-A2Francesco MordentiPedro Côrte-Real08/13/2015 09:25 PMCandidate for next minor release1.6.7
10523Camera SupportFixedLowRaw import for NX500 seem wrongJosef WellsPedro Côrte-Real09/02/2015 05:55 AMgit development version
10415Camera SupportFixedLowOlympus E-330: Can't view the pictures in lightable and darkroomPedrasco CPedro Côrte-Real04/11/2015 01:48 AMCandidate for next minor release1.6.4
10406Camera SupportFixedLowSupport for Olympus XZ-2Paul BissonnettePedro Côrte-Real04/06/2015 09:01 PMCandidate for next minor release1.6.4
9876BugFixedLowSome MRW files are not correctly rotatedPedro Côrte-RealPedro Côrte-Real10/17/2015 11:58 PMgit development version
9874BugFixedLowSome MRW files are displayed in purplePedro Côrte-RealPedro Côrte-Real04/10/2014 12:56 AMCandidate for next major releasegit development version
9568BugNewLowDNG files were not displayed properly.tien nguyenPedro Côrte-Real10/18/2015 02:28 PM1.2.2

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