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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
11594BugFixedMediumBauhaus: step is incorrect after expanding boundsRoman LebedevDevelopers05/08/2017 05:08 PM2.4.0git master branch
10022FeatureFixedLowPentax K-3 - PEF supportMarcin GwizdalDevelopers11/10/2014 03:42 PMCandidate for next major releasegit development version
9798FeatureFixedLowImproved white balance presets for NIKON D5100Steffen BinderDevelopers01/31/2014 08:50 PMCandidate for next minor release
9759FeatureClosed: won't fixLowSupport Nikon SUPER COOLSCAN 5000 ED NEFszsolt bodaDevelopers01/17/2014 09:41 PM
9593BugFixedLowTagging: Parent tag can not be selectedDavid BognerDevelopers11/13/2013 01:09 AMCandidate for next minor release1.2.2
9489BugClosed: invalidMediumNo conversation to target color profile on export?Michael ZabelDevelopers06/28/2013 09:10 PMgit development version
9430BugClosed: invalidHighImport directories in Darktable 1.2 hangsRicardo L.Developers12/04/2013 09:16 PM1.2
9387BugFixedLowFreeze when opening 1D Mark I raw files in dt 1.2Bo ZhangDevelopers11/14/2013 01:18 PM1.2.11.2
9352FeatureFixedLownoise profile: panasonic lumix dmc-g10 by sergej nikolaevSergej NikolaevDevelopers06/09/2013 02:00 PMCandidate for next patch release
9302FeatureClosed: invalidMediumSpot removal: increase current maximum allowed spots amount from 32 up to at least 64 or even 128 pcsDenis DyakovDevelopers03/17/2013 09:52 PMFuture
9284FeatureClosed: won't fixLowUnity integration for git buildsRichard WonkaDevelopers02/28/2013 08:12 PM
9231BugClosed: invalidLowEXIF errors on Mac AnonymousDevelopers01/31/2013 05:18 PM1.1.2
9229BugClosed: invalidLowComments about the Mac dt behaviourAnonymousDevelopers01/30/2013 11:50 PM1.1.2
9222BugFixedMediumdarktable 1.1.2 chrashed after exiftool added GPS infoMic LorDevelopers01/29/2013 08:39 AMCandidate for next patch release1.1.2
9221BugFixedHighdarktable 1.1.2 chrashed after exiftool added GPS infoMic LorDevelopers01/29/2013 08:37 AMCandidate for next patch release1.1.2
9191BugFixedMediumthumbnails are very blurryAndrey LDevelopers03/06/2013 01:34 AM1.1.2git development version
9190BugFixedLowOpen CL does not work on Nvidia GeForce GTS 240 due to compile errors in Instruction 'atom.add.f32' requires .target sm_20 or higherAnonymousDevelopers01/19/2013 10:57 PM1.1.1
9101FeatureFixedLowAdd a pinned frame to pictures showed in the MapB VDevelopers11/29/2012 01:46 PMCandidate for next major release
9082BugFixedMediumOpenCL compilation error with GeForce GT640Michael ZabelDevelopers07/28/2013 08:59 PMgit development version
9037BugClosed: won't fixLowDarktable processes RAF files from FujiFilm s9500 incorrectly.Alena KovalDevelopers11/07/2012 06:28 PMCandidate for next major release1.0.4
8966FeatureClosed: won't fixLowSwitch from GTK+ to QtLadislav EzrDevelopers10/01/2012 06:52 PMFuture
8953BugFixedLowscrolling with backspace or space doesn't change the name on the left panelJulien CanivetDevelopers09/23/2012 09:10 PMCandidate for next minor release1.0.5
8929BugFixedMedium5D Mark III sRAW doesn't work correctlyDenis AludinovDevelopers09/14/2012 04:19 PMCandidate for next major releasegit development version
8878FeatureDuplicateLowASP / Bibble importerB VDevelopers08/21/2012 07:05 PMCandidate for next major release
8836BugDuplicateMediumIn the lighttable filemanger mode navigating through collection with arrow keys is not possibleDavid BognerDevelopers07/26/2012 01:49 PM1.0.4
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