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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
9821BugFixedLowProblem importing 16bit tif image generated by EnfuseCarlo TarHenrik Andersson02/18/2014 10:35 PM1.4.1
9793BugFixedMediumimport from camera crash (bt attached)Pascal ObryHenrik Andersson01/26/2014 11:50 PMgit development version
9789BugFixedMediumimport jobcode not taken into accountPascal ObryHenrik Andersson01/25/2014 06:07 PMgit development version
9017BugFixedLowlow-res thumbnail in exported jpeg is incorrect.Richard LevitteHenrik Andersson05/26/2015 08:28 PMFuturegit development version
8986BugFixedLowReorganize the modules into group sections, basic, tone, color...Henrik AnderssonHenrik Andersson10/09/2012 06:11 PMCandidate for next major releasegit development version
8870BugFixedCriticalpossible NULL dereference in dt_dev_get_processed_sizeMichal BabejHenrik Andersson08/20/2012 03:24 PMCandidate for next minor releasegit development version
8863BugFixedLowImporting from camera with "delete originals after import" into existing filmroll name overwrites existing imagesPeter BoströmHenrik Andersson08/16/2012 11:52 AMCandidate for next minor releasegit development version
8841BugFixedMediumcrash if zoom by keypress in lighttable-mode is used and mouse pointer leaves windowMarkus JungHenrik Andersson07/28/2012 02:21 PMCandidate for next minor releasegit development version
8827BugFixedLowImage information isn't updatedJesper PedersenHenrik Andersson07/15/2012 12:30 PM1.0.4
8724BugFixedHighDT freezes when changing to darkroom during importRichard WonkaHenrik Andersson06/01/2012 04:53 AMCandidate for next minor releasegit development version
8721BugFixedLowCamera settings while tetheringTobias EllinghausHenrik Andersson05/31/2012 02:15 PM
8686BugFixedLowlibopenexr needs to be marked as a dependencythinky -Henrik Andersson05/01/2012 06:23 PMgit development version
8675BugFixedMediumBuild failed on multi arch glibEmmanuel LacourHenrik Andersson04/27/2012 05:50 AMCandidate for next minor releasegit development version
8667BugFixedHighstyle applying in darkroom mode discards current changesIgor KuzminHenrik Andersson04/12/2012 04:23 PM1.0.3
8666BugFixedLowIndexer job runs only oncedumbbell -Henrik Andersson04/12/2012 06:54 PM1.0.3
8663BugFixedHighKeyword tree doesn't auto-scroll on drag'n'dropRichard WonkaHenrik Andersson04/13/2012 01:28 PMCandidate for next patch releasegit development version
8638BugClosed: invalidMediumCompilation problem on CentOS 6nono22 -Henrik Andersson03/26/2012 09:54 AM---git development version
8636FeatureFixedHigh[PATCH] Two bugs in presets functionalityIgor KuzminHenrik Andersson04/11/2012 10:46 PM1.0.3
8634BugFixedLowkeywords plugin causes hang when moving tag on itselfSimon SpannagelHenrik Andersson03/20/2012 08:48 PM1.0.3 doesn't check for sqlite3sebix - SebastianHenrik Andersson03/20/2012 04:06 PM1.0.3
8616FeatureClosed: won't fixLowGUI contrast/brightness is kludgyirgendwoanders -Henrik Andersson02/25/2015 02:51 PMFuturegit development version
8613BugFixedLowGTK theme setting can't be saved in setting dialog.integersf -Henrik Andersson03/20/2012 08:13 PM1.0.3
8606FeatureFixedHighMissing header in LibRawjhegeman -Henrik Andersson03/16/2012 10:34 AM1.0.3
8602BugFixedLowDocumentation licence not compatible with Free SoftwareRussell HarrisonHenrik Andersson03/15/2012 11:55 AMCandidate for next minor releasegit development version
8583BugFixedLowstart position after collection changeZeus PanchenkoHenrik Andersson03/15/2012 11:54 AM---
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