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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
11595BugNewLowCompiled OpenCL binaries are not saved on WindowsPeter Budai04/27/2017 05:53 PMgit master branch
11594BugNewMediumBauhaus: step is incorrect after expanding boundsRoman LebedevDevelopers04/27/2017 06:43 PM2.4.0git master branch
11593BugTriagedLowDrag&drop shows icon in screen corner on WindowsTobias Ellinghaus04/26/2017 11:50 AMgit master branch
11592BugTriagedLowLocal contrast module with laplacian crashes on WindowsPeter Budai04/26/2017 03:32 PMgit master branch
11586BugTriagedLowClone a module go to favorite modulesChristian iuga04/21/2017 09:50 AM2.2.3
11584BugNewLowsrc/win/rlimit.* is a NOPPat David04/20/2017 06:58 PMgit master branch
11583FeatureNewLowA separate sidecar compatible indexing and find applicationPeter Moulding04/20/2017 12:08 PMgit master branch
11581BugNewCriticalHuffmantable is broken.Roman Lebedev04/18/2017 11:02 AM2.4.0git master branch
11580Camera SupportNewLowNoise Profiling for Nikon D500Ari El04/18/2017 09:15 AMCandidate for next minor release2.2.3
11576BugNewLowProfiled denoise results are very different between preview and exported imageSarge Borsch04/16/2017 09:15 PM2.2.4
11575BugNewLowInconsistent keyboard focus in (sticky) preview modeRichard Wonka04/16/2017 07:52 AM2.2.3
11572BugNewLowExtreme high CPU usage when hovering over thumbnails in lighttable and darkroom modeJoe Heb04/20/2017 07:41 PM2.2.3
11571FeatureNewLowAllow masked white balanceChrister van der Meeren04/16/2017 07:46 AM2.2.4
11570BugNewLowWhen creating two copntiguous groups, everything is grouped into a single groupChrister van der Meeren04/12/2017 09:23 PM2.2.4
11569FeatureNewLowColor checker support for the CLUT moduleMarcus Sundman04/11/2017 10:29 AM2.2.3
11567BugNewLowFlipping horisiontally in crop and rotate module messes up right click rotation adjustmentMatthew Harrison04/09/2017 02:35 PM2.2.4
11566BugNewLowOrientation module messes up crop and rotate moduleMatthew Harrison04/09/2017 01:36 PM2.2.4
11564BugNewLowToo many sql calls in darkroomPaolo Astengo04/04/2017 09:33 PMgit master branch
11562Camera SupportNewMediumFujifilm X-T20 noise presets and whitebalanceSebastian Nowozin04/09/2017 01:47 AM2.2.3
11558BugConfirmedLowdarkroom: IOP list can go out of order with multiple instancesM. Andree04/01/2017 09:15 AMgit master branch
11557BugNewLowasan info for gui/accelerators.c:521David Schaefer03/30/2017 01:59 AMgit master branch
11556BugNewLowLR multiple continuous image selection issuemark heieis03/29/2017 11:38 PM2.2.3
11555FeatureNewLowvariable height in tagging panelNikolai Försterling04/23/2017 03:46 PM2.2.3
11554FeatureNewLowAdd EXIF variables to export optionsNikolai Försterling03/28/2017 11:41 PM2.2.3
11552BugNewLowDarktable grows very tall when importing lots of directories at onceKelvie Wong03/28/2017 11:53 AMgit master branch
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