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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
11773BugNewLowDarktable Crashes when trying to access import options - WindowsShaun Pugh10/19/2017 09:53 AM2.
11772BugIncompleteLowSome IOP are CPU blendedPaolo Astengo10/18/2017 04:18 PMgit master branch
11770BugConfirmedLowexport file name from exif tag inconsistentNikolai FörsterlingRoman Lebedev10/18/2017 10:39 AM2.2.5
11769Camera SupportNewLowX-PRO1 Noise ProfileKim Timothy Engh10/15/2017 09:15 PMCandidate for next major release2.2.5
11768BugNewLowWhen creating a style, multiple instances of a module should follow order of creation, not the history stackHuy Hoang10/15/2017 08:10 AMgit master branch
11766BugNewLowFaded blacks when soft proofingJan Komarek10/11/2017 07:55 PMCandidate for next patch release2.2.5
11765BugNewLowColors of white balance sliders looks strangeSergei Rybalko10/08/2017 06:01 PMgit master branch
11764BugIncompleteLowPentax K5 color matrix not foundPaolo Astengo10/08/2017 07:01 PMgit master branch
11763BugConfirmedLowExported image looks different than darkroomPedro Pimenta10/12/2017 04:08 PM2.2.5
11762FeatureNewLowArea indicators for patches in CLUT modulePhilipp Haegi10/07/2017 10:46 PMgit master branch
11761FeatureNewLowWrite IPTC metadata to exported JPEGsRobert Oswald10/07/2017 10:52 PM2.2.5
11757BugNewLowLevels Module: Auto mode not applied when copying image styleBjörn Sonnenschein10/03/2017 04:54 PMgit master branch
11756BugNewLowdarktable segfault in the darkroomJean-Luc Coulon10/02/2017 10:55 PMgit master branch
11751FeatureNewLowMulti-computer easier syncFrançois Tissandier09/26/2017 03:12 PM2.2.5
11750FeatureNewLowDNG LJpeg 1-component supportPritam M09/25/2017 02:25 PMCandidate for next patch release2.2.5
11748Camera SupportTriagedMediumNoise profile for Olympus PEN E-P5Šarūnas BurdulisStefan Schöfegger10/06/2017 01:01 AMCandidate for next patch releasegit master branch
11746Camera SupportTriagedLowNoise Profile for Panasonic Lumix DMC-G70 (DMC-G7)Jan SchneiderStefan Schöfegger10/05/2017 08:59 PM2.2.5
11744BugNewLowNikon camera not recognizedMichel PETTE09/23/2017 05:33 PM2.4.0git master branch
11743BugIncompleteLow2.3.0+929 darkroom crash in gtk_widget_destroyRalf Brown09/18/2017 03:17 PMgit master branch
11736Camera SupportNewLowSony Alpha ILCE-6500 Noise Profiles (additional)Mikołaj Chwalisz09/10/2017 07:54 PM2.4.0git master branch
11734BugNewLowspurious crashes on MacOSRichard Wonka09/08/2017 03:32 PM2.2.5
11733BugNewLowdt surprisingly slow on MacBook Pro 2017Richard Wonka09/08/2017 03:29 PM2.2.5
11730BugNewLowWindows Key+M minimzation is not workng on WindowsPeter Budai09/07/2017 07:00 PMgit master branch
11729BugIncompleteLowReOpen Bug #9418 (Fixed): Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM not detected correctly?!Alexander Peter09/07/2017 07:29 AM2.2.5
11722BugTriagedLowWindow get out of screen when using brushLeonardo Properzi09/08/2017 04:15 PMgit stable branch
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