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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
11255FeatureIncompleteLowAlternative ways to edit base/tone curveAlex Mozheiko10/23/2016 06:59 PMgit master branch
11254BugTriagedLowHDR results in what is probably a bad DNG fileShlomi Alon-Braitbart10/23/2016 07:02 PMgit master branch
11251BugNewLowD3100 tethering problemPaolo Astengo10/20/2016 06:39 PMgit master branch
11250BugNewLowApp window too wide for screen on OS XMoritz Moeller10/21/2016 04:34 PMgit master branch
11248BugNewLowMagick: abort due to signal 7 (SIGBUS) "Bus Error"François Guerraz10/20/2016 08:39 AM2.0.6
11244Camera SupportNewLowNoise Profile Nikon D40XAndreas Grünewald10/17/2016 09:56 PMCandidate for next patch release2.0.6
11241Camera SupportNewLowPentax K-70 multi exposure rawMichal Čihař10/16/2016 05:09 PM2.0.6
11240BugNewLowCrash on export (OSX)Mikhail Trishchenkov10/16/2016 02:47 PM2.0.6
11235BugNewLowFaulty exportJohann Spies10/15/2016 12:00 PM2.0.6
11234FeatureNewLowimport dir in cliRoland Schuller10/14/2016 10:56 PMgit master branch
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