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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
11734 darktable Bug New Low spurious crashes on MacOS Richard Wonka 09/08/2017 03:32 PM 2.2.5
11644 darktable Feature New Low Prepopulate lighttable with image placeholders on import Alex Shpilkin 06/12/2017 03:48 PM git master branch
11645 darktable Feature New Low Support Olympus in-camera curves Alex Shpilkin 06/09/2017 10:12 PM git master branch
11750 darktable Feature New Low DNG LJpeg 1-component support Pritam M 09/25/2017 02:25 PM darktable - Candidate for next patch release 2.2.5
11700 darktable Bug New Low Something is wrong with keyboard handling Anonymous 08/31/2017 04:34 AM 2.2.5
11647 darktable Bug New Low Mystery artifact in RW2 file Richard Wonka 06/25/2017 02:54 PM 2.2.5
11702 darktable Bug New Low Cannot use opencl on Cape Verde: [opencl_init] could not create command queue for device 0: -6 Nick Kachulin 06/11/2019 09:09 AM 2.2.5
11786 darktable Bug New Low Heap buffer overflow in amaze demosaic code Andreas Schneider 10/25/2017 01:46 PM darktable - Future git master branch
12713 darktable Bug New Low Wrong "%" char in string in filmicrgb.c Jean-Luc Coulon 10/25/2019 05:25 PM git master branch
11896 darktable Feature New Low Ask if the user wants to replace the style with the newly imported version dar ix 12/31/2017 04:48 PM git master branch
11804 darktable Bug New Low Tether: Darktable loses connection to Canon EOS 80D Markus Dörschmidt 01/23/2018 11:20 PM 2.2.5
11805 darktable Bug New Low Hard edge on tone mapping module François Tissandier 11/02/2017 01:37 PM 2.2.5
11803 darktable Bug New Low Lens "Nikkor AF-P 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G DX VR" not recognized by metadata panel Mike Romanov 11/03/2017 01:36 PM 2.2.5
11707 darktable Bug New Low inaccurate linear equations solver in color checker module Heiko Bauke 08/22/2017 01:40 PM darktable - Candidate for next patch release git master branch
11709 darktable Feature New Low Not possible to side scroll using trackpad or (enhanced) mouse wheel Rui Carmo 08/25/2017 02:15 PM 2.2.5
11744 darktable Bug New Low [Tethering] Nikon camera not recognized Michel PETTE 10/29/2018 08:56 PM darktable - 2.6.0 git master branch
12198 darktable Feature New Low Underwater color correction Samuel BENARD 11/14/2019 04:37 PM 2.4.3
11895 darktable Feature New Low allow shared storage of styles and exported module presets via $datadir/darktable/ dar ix 12/31/2017 04:48 PM git master branch
11898 darktable Bug New Low "create HDR" leads to magenta-cast image Jarrad Whitaker 09/01/2018 03:55 PM 2.4.0
9425 darktable Feature New Low Allow customization of EXIF fields displayed in image information Chris Siebenmann 09/04/2017 02:12 PM
11790 darktable Bug New Low Regression Michel PETTE 12/24/2017 01:20 PM darktable - 2.6.0 git master branch
11751 darktable Feature New Low Multi-computer easier sync François Tissandier 09/26/2017 03:12 PM 2.2.5
11778 darktable Camera Support New Low Review of "What's involved with adding support for new cameras" blog article Dezo Mesko 10/22/2017 11:29 PM git master branch
12199 darktable Bug New Low Window size (width) changes when long tooltips are shown Antonio Ospite 12/04/2018 04:49 PM 2.4.3
12197 darktable Bug New Low Import: drives unaccessible Lucas Falkenhain 06/20/2019 02:55 PM 2.4.3
9132 darktable Feature New Low Extending image-grouping with image-alignment/registration to implement super-resolution, (HDR) or focus-stacks Tim Haynes 10/11/2017 10:05 AM
11766 darktable Bug New Low Faded blacks when soft proofing Jan Komarek 12/11/2017 11:29 AM darktable - Candidate for next patch release 2.2.5
11900 darktable Bug New Low Clearing unused tags from the database Bruce Williams 09/02/2018 05:19 PM darktable - 2.6.0 2.4.0
11779 darktable Bug New Low Cropping is not automatically saved when switching to Lighttable view Van de Bugger 10/23/2017 12:26 AM 2.2.5
11904 darktable Feature New Low Show multi-layer tiff as flattened image Anonymous 01/09/2018 11:52 AM darktable - Future git master branch
11901 darktable Bug New Low Webalbum export without trailing slash misbehaves dar ix 01/01/2018 03:58 PM git master branch
11885 darktable Bug New Low Cannot select multiple files in import style file choose Frank Mef 01/02/2018 11:16 AM darktable - Future git master branch
11976 darktable Bug New Low windows 10, unhandled exception when double click on photo in lighttable Wim Spijker 06/11/2019 12:46 PM 2.4.1
11903 darktable Bug New Low Export Problem B K 01/05/2018 02:37 PM 2.4.0rc0
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