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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
11583 darktable Feature New Low A separate sidecar compatible indexing and find application Peter Moulding 04/20/2017 12:08 PM git master branch
11584 darktable Bug New Low src/win/rlimit.* is a NOP Pat David 04/20/2017 06:58 PM git master branch
11356 darktable Feature New Low Create option to avoid mouse hover rating diversion in the darkroom view S W 12/09/2016 07:05 PM 2.2.0rc2
11357 darktable Feature New Low Option to export and not include EXIF data S W 05/06/2018 10:41 AM 2.2.0rc2
12596 darktable Bug New Low Import sets filmroll filter incorrect Alexander Hartmaier 02/10/2019 01:14 AM git stable branch
11473 darktable Bug New Low dt-import-folder asan info David Schaefer 01/22/2017 05:01 PM git master branch
11383 darktable Bug New Low Artefacts in zoomed out view with lanczos3 and lens correction Žilvinas Žaltiena 12/22/2016 07:36 PM 2.2.0rc3
11361 darktable Feature New Low Multiple image repositories Wolfgang Oertl 12/14/2016 01:55 AM git master branch
12186 darktable Bug New Low Unable to open some DNG-Files created by Pentax-K7 Paul Vasak 05/08/2018 12:16 AM 2.4.3
11374 darktable Bug New Low backtrace on switching between fotos hin the same group David Schaefer 12/19/2016 10:39 PM git master branch
11477 darktable Feature New Low Masks: select based on focus Ted Hennicke 06/05/2018 08:39 PM 2.2.1
11389 darktable Bug New Low SIGSEV on double bilateral filter -> drawn mask David Schaefer 12/26/2016 12:21 AM git master branch
12623 darktable Bug New Low Somtimes duplicate manager deletes all versions Istvan Kovacs 03/10/2019 10:05 PM git stable branch
11479 darktable Feature New Low Scroll bar on right side of Light table view Bruce Williams 12/16/2018 06:27 PM 2.2.1
11480 darktable Bug New Low Import from camera or memory card Bruce Williams 01/28/2017 06:50 AM 2.2.1
11388 darktable Bug New Low SQL Syntax Error in _lib_filmstrip_imgid_in_collection() David Schaefer 12/28/2016 12:08 AM git master branch
11482 darktable Bug New Low Magic trackpad zoom gesture crashes Darktable under Mac Os X 10.9.5 Pierre Lagarde 01/29/2017 07:44 PM 2.2.2
11485 darktable Bug New Low Not all files are rotated correctly David Schaefer 01/29/2017 10:33 PM git master branch
11402 darktable Feature New Low ESC / Return do not work in most dialog box Matthieu Moy 01/17/2017 06:20 PM 2.2.0
11546 darktable Bug New Low ==13345==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: heap-buffer-overflow David Schaefer 03/20/2017 09:46 PM git master branch
12180 darktable Bug New Low Import photos Windows 7 Sam . 05/09/2018 05:46 PM 2.4.3
12177 darktable Bug New Low some import locations do not work at all Hansi Meier 05/09/2018 05:47 PM 2.4.3
11407 darktable Bug New Low darktable print module does not show selected image Germano Massullo 01/01/2017 01:15 PM 2.2.0
11491 darktable Feature New Low Store references to exported images Anton Keks 02/01/2017 12:18 AM 2.2.2
12191 darktable Bug New Low Crash darktable after windows upgrade version 1803 Michel PETTE 07/19/2019 09:19 AM 2.4.3
11411 darktable Bug New Low coredump after trying to select a mask from the masks menu when being in equalizer module David Schaefer 01/02/2017 02:40 AM git master branch
11414 darktable Bug New Low get_camera_raw_setting: Sony a6000 camera uses /main/capturesettings/imagequality Alexey Brodkin 01/02/2017 04:12 PM git master branch
11475 darktable Feature New Low Add ability to restore the history stack corresponding to a snapshot Jérôme Berger 02/02/2017 11:27 AM 2.2.1
11551 darktable Feature New Low Add checkbox to run an action on all files when trash folder is missing on OS X Moritz Moeller 03/23/2017 11:59 PM git master branch
11552 darktable Bug New Low Darktable grows very tall when importing lots of directories at once Kelvie Wong 03/28/2017 11:53 AM git master branch
12111 darktable Bug New Low Module order of duplicated modules messes up when changing images in filmstrip Roel Baars 04/02/2018 10:55 PM 2.4.1
12626 darktable Bug New Low PPG demosaic with OpenCL causes dithering Ben Klopfenstein 03/12/2019 04:27 PM git stable branch
11554 darktable Feature New Low Add EXIF variables to export options Nikolai Försterling 05/25/2017 09:43 PM 2.2.3
12112 darktable Bug New Low Removal of duplicated module leads to crash Roel Baars 05/09/2018 05:51 PM 2.4.1
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