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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
9811 darktable Bug Fixed Low Rating assigned to wrong image on v1.4 Jesko N Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo 11/29/2018 10:16 AM darktable - 2.6.0 1.4
9792 darktable Bug Closed: invalid Low Duplicates not exported Jesko N Roman Lebedev 03/31/2014 11:40 AM 1.4
9750 darktable Bug New Low Moving images changes to film role view Jesko N 12/29/2013 12:19 AM 1.4
9746 darktable Bug New Low Rename Folders Jesko N 12/27/2013 01:55 AM 1.4
9732 darktable Feature Fixed Low Move folders Jesko N Pascal Obry 08/08/2015 10:24 PM
9730 darktable Feature Triaged Low Rescan updated directories Jesko N Tobias Ellinghaus 11/20/2018 11:55 AM darktable - Future git development version
9715 darktable Feature Closed: won't fix Low Style previews Jesko N 09/25/2014 10:50 AM
9595 darktable Feature New Low Remember current position in collection Jesko N 10/27/2018 04:44 PM
9517 darktable Bug Fixed Medium Rating assigned to wrong images Jesko N 12/08/2013 06:12 PM darktable - Candidate for next minor release 1.2.2
9437 darktable Feature Closed: won't fix Medium Lighttable: Increase/decrease rating; forward to next image Jesko N Jérémy Rosen 08/15/2014 09:27 PM git stable branch

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