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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
12627darktableBugClosed: invalidLowDrawn mask, gradient, "curved" if lens correction appliedJean-Luc CoulonPascal Obry03/16/2019 11:20 AMgit master branch
12381darktableBugFixedCriticalIn the darkroom, string "sharpen" in module title is never localisedJean-Luc CoulonPascal Obry11/01/2018 12:55 AMdarktable - 2.6.0git master branch
11756darktableBugNewLowdarktable segfault in the darkroomJean-Luc Coulon10/02/2017 10:55 PMgit master branch
11681darktableFeatureTriagedLowAdd a warning when we reach the 64 elements limit of "spot removal" moduleJean-Luc Coulon08/02/2017 10:28 AMgit master branch
10880darktableFeatureNewLowPlease add a local white balance featureJean-Luc Coulon01/17/2016 10:22 PMgit development version
10879darktableFeatureTriagedLowProgressbar message when exporting should tell the current statusJean-Luc Coulon01/20/2016 06:39 PMgit development version
10848darktableBugIncompleteLowDarktable crash while opening the DarkRoomJean-Luc Coulon01/04/2016 04:01 PMgit development version
10805darktableBugFixedLowDarktable crashJean-Luc CoulonUlrich Pegelow10/30/2016 06:02 PMdarktable - 2.2.0git development version
10803darktableBugFixedLowDarktable segfault at startJean-Luc Coulon12/22/2015 07:21 PMgit development version
10795darktableFeatureTriagedLowAdd a "zoom to selection" feature on the mapJean-Luc Coulon12/19/2015 03:22 PMdarktable - Futuregit development version
10726darktableBugConfirmedLowmodule specific color pickers should update themselves when module regains focusJean-Luc Coulon11/19/2015 04:49 PMgit development version
10707darktableBugFixedLowGeotagging should accept uppercase .GPX extension as a GPS data exchange formatJean-Luc CoulonRoman Lebedev11/08/2015 11:35 PMgit development version
10706darktableBugFixedLowFraming module, color picker get wrong colorsJean-Luc CoulonUlrich Pegelow11/10/2015 10:41 PMgit development version
10643darktableBugFixedLowPrint view - Preview alignment doesnt work as expectedJean-Luc CoulonRoman Lebedev11/23/2015 08:53 PMgit development version
9763darktableFeatureNewLowlocalization - allow localized screenshots in the usermanualJean-Luc Coulon01/05/2014 01:32 PM
9434darktableFeatureNewLowVarious features for crop/orientationJean-Luc Coulon05/26/2013 03:13 PM

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