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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
10000 darktable Feature Fixed Low 10000 get! Roman Lebedev Roman Lebedev 06/24/2014 04:04 PM
9967 darktable Feature Fixed Low Watermark: add watermark rotation Roman Lebedev 06/10/2014 09:27 AM
9779 darktable Feature Triaged Low Some way to store&auto-apply multi-instance presets? Roman Lebedev 06/09/2014 12:06 AM darktable - Candidate for next minor release
9628 darktable Feature Fixed Low No instance number for multi-instance modules is displayed in LT's image history tooltip Roman Lebedev Tobias Ellinghaus 10/22/2013 12:24 PM darktable - Candidate for next minor release
9411 darktable Feature Fixed Low Masks manager: implement "Remove unused shapes" button Roman Lebedev 05/26/2013 12:38 AM
9240 darktable Feature Fixed Low Register darktable in Coverity Scan (Static Analysis Verification Engine) Roman Lebedev Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo 10/03/2013 03:13 PM
11303 website Bug Fixed Low Redmine: make PDFs viewable without saving them Roman Lebedev Mikko Ruohola 12/13/2016 01:58 PM
11195 website Feature New Low Some way to automatically upload CI results Roman Lebedev Mikko Ruohola 10/05/2016 01:03 PM
9976 darktable Feature Fixed Low Masks: allow even smaller circles/ellipses Roman Lebedev Aldric Renaudin 12/13/2014 07:58 PM 1.6.0
11092 darktable Feature Fixed Medium Hightlights reconstruction: Lch: needs OpenCL kernel update Roman Lebedev Ulrich Pegelow 10/30/2016 05:58 PM darktable - 2.2.0 git development version
11066 darktable Bug Fixed Low darktable-cltest: please do not output last line Roman Lebedev Ulrich Pegelow 04/10/2018 08:38 PM darktable - 2.2.0 git development version
11009 darktable Bug Fixed Medium GCC6: rawspeed build failure Roman Lebedev Johannes Hanika 10/30/2016 06:01 PM darktable - 2.2.0 git development version
11007 darktable Bug New Medium Thumbnails: "race condition" between dt_image_altered() and auto_apply_presets() Roman Lebedev 04/25/2016 07:25 PM git development version
10996 darktable Camera Support New Low Rawspeed: PENTAX K-5 probably has wrong black level Roman Lebedev 04/17/2016 11:08 PM git development version
10974 darktable Bug Patch attached Medium Lens correction before exposure Roman Lebedev 10/05/2018 12:12 AM git development version
10913 darktable Bug Fixed High darktable-rs-identify broke build Roman Lebedev Roman Lebedev 10/30/2016 06:02 PM darktable - 2.2.0 git development version
10725 darktable Bug Fixed: To be cherry-picked Low Bogus "cannot remove local copy when the original file is not accessible." when deleting scull. Roman Lebedev Pascal Obry 10/30/2016 06:06 PM darktable - 2.2.0 git development version
10637 darktable Bug Fixed Low dt_mipmap_cache_get() sometimes locks for 'w' while asked to lock for 'r' Roman Lebedev Roman Lebedev 10/05/2015 01:32 PM git development version
10634 darktable Bug Fixed Medium Deadlock while generating thumbs with new cache system Roman Lebedev Roman Lebedev 10/05/2015 01:32 PM git development version
10583 darktable Bug Fixed Low dt_pthread_rwlock_unlock: Assertion `rwlock->cnt >= 0' failed Roman Lebedev Roman Lebedev 10/05/2015 01:32 PM darktable - Candidate for next major release git development version
10552 darktable Bug Fixed Low Display profile with XYZLUT + swapped matrix results in an image with swapped colors. Roman Lebedev Roman Lebedev 06/30/2015 10:15 PM git development version
10505 darktable Bug Fixed Medium heap-buffer-overflow in dt_gradient_events_post_expose Roman Lebedev Aldric Renaudin 06/01/2015 11:12 PM git development version
10493 darktable Bug Fixed Low "always try to use littlecms2" setting only works for colorout Roman Lebedev 11/05/2015 06:42 PM git development version
10489 darktable Feature Triaged Low Metadata editor: reset parameters should reset them to params from image Roman Lebedev 05/26/2015 02:48 PM git development version
10425 darktable Feature New Low Lens IOP: better iteraction between autodetection and user-set params Roman Lebedev 01/24/2019 02:15 PM git development version
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