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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
12314 darktable Bug New Low segfault when selection preset in "collect images" module Antoine Beaupré 09/06/2018 02:08 AM darktable - 2.6.0 2.4.4
10629 darktable Bug Fixed Low slight documentation error in basecurve tool Antoine Beaupré 09/08/2015 07:18 PM git stable branch
9707 darktable Bug Triaged Low darktable doesn't detect out of disk conditions on import Antoine Beaupré 12/04/2013 01:32 PM git development version
9465 darktable Bug Duplicate Low lighttable should return to the currently selected photo Antoine Beaupré 06/10/2013 05:31 PM 1.2.1
9461 darktable Feature New Low tool to help Shotwell migration Antoine Beaupré 04/23/2016 11:58 AM
9460 darktable Feature Patch attached Low tool to regroup confused images Antoine Beaupré 06/10/2013 05:00 PM darktable - Future
9457 darktable Bug Fixed Medium segfault in dt_lightroom_import() Antoine Beaupré 12/17/2013 12:52 PM darktable - Candidate for next patch release 1.2.1
9444 darktable Feature New Low import settings do not indicate available variables Antoine Beaupré 05/27/2013 09:40 AM
9443 darktable Bug Triaged Low hovering the mouse over the light table seeks the disk Antoine Beaupré 12/09/2013 02:26 PM darktable - Future 1.2
9442 darktable Feature Fixed Low imrpove usability of the mipmap cache setting Antoine Beaupré 11/14/2013 12:39 AM darktable - Candidate for next minor release
9441 darktable Feature Triaged Low show number of images in light table view by default Antoine Beaupré 05/26/2013 07:20 PM darktable - Future
9440 darktable Bug Closed: invalid Low embeded jpeg preview setting is really confusing Antoine Beaupré 05/27/2013 12:24 AM darktable - Future 1.2
9439 darktable Feature New Low add a scrollbar in light table mode Antoine Beaupré 12/16/2018 06:33 PM darktable - Future
9142 darktable Bug Closed: invalid Medium export shouldn't compress history stack Antoine Beaupré 12/16/2012 09:37 PM darktable - Candidate for next major release 1.1.0

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