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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Target version Affected Version
10639 darktable Camera Support New Low Nx500 Enhanced Color Matrix Josef Wells 10/17/2015 10:17 PM git development version
10523 darktable Camera Support Fixed Low Raw import for NX500 seem wrong Josef Wells Pedro Côrte-Real 09/02/2015 05:55 AM git development version
10444 darktable Bug Closed: upstream Low NX500 not recognized or listed in Lens Correction camera list. Josef Wells 05/05/2015 10:55 AM git development version
10095 darktable Feature New Low Flickr upload pipeline Josef Wells 09/19/2014 03:04 AM git development version
9718 darktable Bug Closed: invalid High darktable scans current mounts and tries to access ./DCIM on each Josef Wells 12/11/2013 10:14 PM 1.4rc1
9712 darktable Bug Fixed High Moving images in lighttable mode to a different directory moved the wrong images. Josef Wells 11/25/2014 02:04 PM darktable - Candidate for next major release git development version
9220 darktable Bug Fixed Low dither module auto-applies, counts as touching a picture Josef Wells Ulrich Pegelow 01/29/2013 05:32 AM git development version
9187 darktable Bug Fixed Low Noise Profile for RX100 not turing out well Josef Wells Johannes Hanika 09/01/2013 12:46 AM git development version
9050 darktable Bug Duplicate Low Crop and Rotate activation confusing Josef Wells 11/15/2012 05:36 PM darktable - Candidate for next major release git development version

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