Bug #9959

UI for star ratings and color labels is inconsistent.

Added by Andrew Toskin about 6 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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The Current Setup

Currently, you can assign an image a star rating or color label by clicking the stars in the thumbnail and clicking the color label in the bottom panel of lighttable mode, or by pressing number keys and function keys for the corresponding number of stars or color labels. Clicking or typing for one star twice resets the image to unranked, or zero stars.

Some Minor Inconsistencies

  1. Clicking the reject x in the thumbnail twice resets the image to unranked (zero stars) -- however, pressing 'r' to reject twice does not reset the star rating.
  2. Clicking the gray button in the bottom panel of lighttable mode removes all color labels, but there is no button to click to remove star ratings.
  3. Star ratings can be set with the keyboard by pressing number keys (or 'r'), with '0' setting the image to unranked / zero stars; color labels use the 'F' keys, F1 through F5, but there is no key to press to remove all color labels.
  4. Star ratings and color labels can both be set by clicking in the bottom panel, but when hovering over the image thumbnail, you can only click to set the stars.

Possible Solutions

Resetting the star rating to zero by clicking for one star twice, or clicking to reject twice, could be replaced with a single button -- perhaps using a picture of a star with a red X through it.

Resetting the star rating to zero by pressing '1' for one star twice, or pressing 'r' for reject twice, is perhaps redundant since you can just press '0'. Maybe we don't need those extra options?

Add a key (maybe F6) which also removes all color labels for the selected images.

Since the star ratings appear in both the bottom panel and the image thumbnails, maybe the color labels should appear in both locations as well? Or maybe the bottom panel by itself is sufficient?

Associated revisions

Revision 441bad73 (diff)
Added by S W over 3 years ago

Make dual action of one star rating a config option. Fixes #9959

Fixes #1355


#1 Updated by Rudolf Martin almost 6 years ago

The proposals are very helpful.
Doubleclicking ro remove a star-rating is annoying.

#2 Updated by Van de Bugger about 4 years ago

Resetting the star rating to zero by clicking for one star twice…

BTW, I personally do not like dual action of '1' key — it is one more minor inconsistency. Keys from '2' to '5' set specified number of stars, but '1' sets one star or clears star rating. I would prefer '1' ALWAYS sets one star, like other digits.

(Re)setting star rating with mouse can be implemented also. Currently star rating is set when the 1st mouse button is pressed. I would recommend to set star rating when the 1st mouse button is released (only iff the button was pressed in the star area). If the button is released outside of the star area, star rating is cleared.

#3 Updated by S W over 3 years ago

  • % Done changed from 0 to 100
  • Status changed from New to Fixed

#4 Updated by Roman Lebedev over 3 years ago

  • Target version set to 2.4.0

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