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Deleting JPG in LightTable

Added by Paolo Astengo about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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Actually I do not know if this could be a real bug or not.

In LightTable mode, if you have both JPG and RAW files (eg if your camera generated JPG+RAW), when you delete from disk the JPG file, DT will erase the RAW file also. Since there is no trashbin feature (it should be a goog feature, indeed), you will loss your image definitely.

Is there any workaround to avoid missing some good shots?

Thank you guys for this great software!


#1 Updated by Simon Spannagel about 6 years ago

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Hi Paolo,

if this would be the case it would be a very serious issue, nothing to "work around" but to fix immediately.

Having said that: I was not able to reproduce your problem (neither with 1.4.2 nor with the latest git master version). My procedure is the following:

  • New folder, two files in it: testsample.CR2, testsample.JPG (RAW+JPEG from a Canon EOS 550D)
  • darktable w/ empty library, import that folder (not ignoring JPEGs)
  • See the two grouped images in lighttable (groups expanded)
  • select the JPEG image and select "delete" from the "seleted image[s]" module
  • Confirm dialog telling that "1" image is about ot be deleted from disk
  • Check folder, CR2 RAW is still there, JPEG is deleted

However, if groups are collapsed and I try to delete it, what actually happens is that the group representative (in this case the RAW file) is deleted, but the rest stays. This is somehow inconsistent and imho we should just delete the whole group in this case.

But as said, I couldn't find a way to get rid of a RAW file without actually requesting to delete it.

#2 Updated by Paolo Astengo about 6 years ago

Dear Simon,

since I'm using a git dev , I never use same version from one day to another.

Actually I've tried to reproduce the issue I found, but I'm currently unable to see again the problem.
I assure you that I tried several times before submitting this ticket, and now I'm feeling silly...

I will keep trying in different conditions and I will keep you informed about.

Thank you for your help


#3 Updated by Simon Spannagel about 6 years ago

And you don't know (by any chance) the commit at which you had this behavior? Just to recap what happened...

#4 Updated by Paolo Astengo about 6 years ago


I've tried many times, but I'm unable to reproduce the error. At this point I'm start thinking I was wrong..

#5 Updated by Paolo Astengo about 6 years ago

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