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Add Support for Samsung NX1100 RAW files (SRW)

Added by Kevin Mattern over 6 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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darktable (and also many other programs) cannot open the SRW files of the Samsung NX1100 CSC.
As you can see on the "Bildschirmfoto" there's something wrong while applying some defaults to the raw-picture. in this picture you can see a screenshot of the jpg, how it could/should look.
the other two attached files "SAM_9153.JPG" and "SAM_9153.SRW" should help the developer.

SAM_9153.JPG (1.57 MB) SAM_9153.JPG Kevin Mattern, 03/03/2014 11:50 AM
Bildschirmfoto von »2014-02-24 09_11_10«.png (1.56 MB) Bildschirmfoto von »2014-02-24 09_11_10«.png Kevin Mattern, 03/03/2014 11:51 AM
SAM_9153.SRW (31.5 MB) SAM_9153.SRW Kevin Mattern, 03/03/2014 11:55 AM


#1 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn over 6 years ago

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I just added basic NX1100 support to our development version:

Which subsequently got picked for our maintenance tree, which means this will make it into version 1.4.2 soon enough.

You can preview what 1.4.2 will be like using my darktable-unstable ppa, keep in mind this is a kind of development branch as well, so be sure to make rigorous backups (of your library) while using it:

Please consider contributing white balance presets for this camera as well, more info:

#2 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn about 6 years ago

While basic support is in our 1.4.2 release, I recently noticed that for both the NX100 and NX300 the image area is not actually in the sensor's center, suspect that this is true for the NX1100 too (which is part of the NX200 generation).

To check/correct this I need a sample SRW shot with Distortion Correction turned off. The image needs to be a sharp shot (so please shoot at ISO 100, the Aperture slightly stopped down (f5,6?) with a sufficiently fast shutter speed (1/100th or better). The image needs to have a lot of fine details, the easiest way to accomplish this would be the stick a few sheets of graph paper to the wall and shoot that. Particularly the image center and image corners edges need to be over the graph paper.

#3 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn about 6 years ago

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  • Status changed from In Progress to Fixed

I found some samples, which allowed me to adjust the microcropping. They were not ideal, but it shouldn't be off by much now (while it was before).

#4 Updated by Stuart Blake 10 months ago

I have done a basic implementation that allows reordering of images by drag and drop. Custom sorting can be selected in the "sort by" drop down menu (short life The sorting can be done by dragging an image in lighttable module and dropping it onto another image. The dragged image will be inserted in front of the targeted image. If an image was dropped on the table background, it will be inserted at last position.

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