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Cropping an image is not possible.

Added by Bogdan Hlevca over 6 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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I wanted to do a simple cropping from 3:2 aspect ration to 16:9. At the beginning it was putting the guides over the image, but it did not keep the aspect.

  • Here is also a design problem: there is no visual confirmation that the aspect is changed/accepted to the size of the guides (overlaying rectangle). There has to be something that shows the user that the size and aspect ratio of the guides is accepted by the program such as when pressing the return key or some dedicated button the picture is visually cropped of at least changes some colour.
  • Anyway, the way now darktable is cropping does not work no matter what you press or do. I even tried exporting hoping that the exports will be cropped, but it didn't happen. If it worked in the past this need to be looked at again.
  • Moreover, frustrated by this behaviour I tried the curved arrow on the right of the now 16:9 aspect and the guides were turned vertically, good, but obviously the image is now smaller. Pressing once again on the same arrow turns the guides horizontally again, but remains small ( same size as the vertical position), BAD.
  • And from now on the whole thing is busted no guide will appear after turning off and back on the plugin. A restart of darktable fixes the problem.

I presume this plugin needs some serious work to fix these issues. I consider cropping an important feature for a raw developer that needs to work well.

Please let me know if more info is needed. I am on Linux 64 bits compiled from the git repos (1.5+133). Priority should be High. This is by no means a low priority bug.


#1 Updated by Bogdan Hlevca over 6 years ago

I forgot to mention that in my settings-> shortcuts->crop and rotate -> commit = Return

#2 Updated by Bogdan Hlevca over 6 years ago

I updated to a more recent version again today after I wrote the first report. I managed to crop some pictures.
I see now some very quick visual feedback : "working" and switching back to lighttable shows the image cropped. I made sure that the on/off button was turned on for the feature.

However, my initial report was not in my imagination and corruption of this module still happens when operating with this feature.

Some of my observations should be looked at:
  • A better visual confirmation would be also desirable.
  • Rotating the cropping window back to horizontal should restore the size
  • revisiting a cropped picture after playing with the rotation the cropping window does not appear anymore pointing to a corruption
  • I noticed that other operations within this module,such as moving and rotating can corrupt the module and the guides do not appear anymore
  • restarting Darktable restores the integrity and functionality of the crop and rotate module. I needed a few restarts for just cropping a couple of images.

Other than that the module seems operational but is buggy and may make some people think that it does not work at all. I don't know how to rename a bug.

#3 Updated by Bogdan Hlevca over 6 years ago

One more thing (VERY annoying)

After each individual crop the module does not work and I NEED to close and restart the application

#4 Updated by Pedro Côrte-Real over 4 years ago

Is this still a problem with the current versions?

#5 Updated by Bogdan Hlevca over 4 years ago

I verified the module and the corruption is gone.

The only thing that it is still annoying is that if you do crop first and then rotate the crop window is left in a strange state, usually very small and has nothing to do with the initial selection.

If you first rotate and then crop then everything is looking good.

I suggest that when rotation is done after a cropping operation the cropping window should be maximized/reset to the size of the picture, which would be an easy way. Otherwise better calculations of the cropping window would be required in conjunction with the rotation angle. It can be done but it requires some serious pixel calculations and testing.

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