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Lighttable: Apply ratings/metadata to all images in a group when it is collapsed.

Added by Romano Giannetti over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Case: I am looking at the images in lighttable; I have set the group option to show only one image per group when there are RAW+JPEG shot, set lighttable to show just one image at a time (so I can better evaluate the quality). Not importing JPEG is not an option, because some of the images in the film roll are JPEG only (panoramas, etc). Like this:

I can very rapidly view one image after the other with the mouse scroll wheel, and without having to go through the jpeg/raw pairs while "scrolling". While doing this I rate the images --- this is one keypress per image. Very handy. Then I can for example delete all images with less than 1 star.

This results (a bit surprising for me) in only one image of the group being rated (which I understand it is the desired behavior in most case --- it's just a special case in the first image quality assessment; it would just be handy to have for example R "reject" all images in the collapsed group and "number" rate them all). This could be made optional with for example shift+R, shift+number, but I feel that when rating images in a collapsed group the "natural" behavior would be to rate them all. Or apply a tag to all, for example.

If I "open" the groups, I know I can select all the images and rate them together, but it's not so handy --- it's a lot slower (select the two images, zoom, rate). It's faster to just rate both the raw and the jpeg by hand, but still half as fast as it could be, given that I will see the two copies.


#1 Updated by Romano Giannetti over 6 years ago

There is a similar request here marked "won't fix":

I still think that having at least a key like "shift+R" to mark "rejected" all the images in the group will be invaluable for the first pass of image evaluation, which is where normally you have to sift rapidly through a big set of images. So for "shift+number" to rate them.

#2 Updated by Richard Wonka over 6 years ago

Seconded. it should be possible to act on a whole group instead of one image of the group.

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