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Added by Jesko N over 6 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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I'd like to suggest a DT feature to move folders (which contain photos and maybe subfolders with fotos) to a different parent folder/disk.

Currently DT users have two options to move photo folders:
  • Create the target folder manually using a file manager, then move all files using DT and afterwards remove the empty folder using a file manager.
  • OR: Move the folder (and all contained photos) using a filemanager and use the DT feature "search filmroll" (context menu in the folder view of the collect module) to correct the references. [btw: The "search filmroll" feature should maybe be renamed to "search folder" because it opens a folder choser?]

The new feature: In the folder's context menu (which contains the "search filmroll" function as well) there should be an additional option "move folder" which opens a folder choser. After selecting the target parent folder the folder should be physically moved to the new parent. Afterwards the functionality of the "search filmroll" feature should be invoked automatically in the background to update the DB references to the new directory.


#1 Updated by Pascal Obry over 6 years ago

We could also keep the current behavior and remove the source folder if empty after moving the images.

#2 Updated by Pascal Obry over 6 years ago

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empty folders are not deleted, no need to go to the file-manager to do the final clean up anymore.

#4 Updated by Jesko N over 6 years ago

Thanks for automatically deleting empty folders. That makes it easier to move folders.

Anyhow I would ask you to reopen this feature request as the user currently still needs to do lots of manual work (manually create folder in the filesystem, select all files, move them) which is different from what I suggested above.

I just read #8859. According to this ticket there was a design decision to work with film rolls instead of folders. If so, there maybe should be a "move filmroll" feature accordingly.

#5 Updated by Robin Rainton almost 5 years ago

Pascal Obry wrote:

empty folders are not deleted, no need to go to the file-manager to do the final clean up anymore.

I'm new to DT so thanks to the devs for their efforts. I notice there's a great deal of push back when asked to 'rewrite a file manager'.

My workflow is this:

- Import images with script that auto-renames them into one folder per day under a 'to process' folder.
- Process these with a RAW tool (I have been using Bibble but want to change to DT).
- Sometimes split days into one or more activities. Yes, DT will do this, so thank you (select images for 'activity' and move to new folder).
- Once processed I then move each day or activity folder into a 'done' folder. This folder is backed up automatically to the cloud. I don't backup before processing as I don't delete from camera until processed so I can always go back to that if something bad happens.

I understand the DT team don't want to 'rewrite a file manager' but in my workflow above I have noticed there are two solutions to do this the DT way:

1. Open an external file manager and move the folder from 'to process' into 'done'. DT still shows the folder in 'to process' just with a line through it (as it's no longer there and DT doesn't know it will never be back). DT doesn't show the folder in the 'done' folder until I re-import that tree. This is clearly not ideal.

2. Within DT I could select all the images in 'to process'/ThatWhichIAmWorkingOn and move them to a new folder (created on the fly) in 'done'ThatWhichIAmWorkingOn. DT will then remove the old folder as it is now empty. This is also less than ideal because my folder names have dates and such in them that are hard to type correctly so in reality I have to select the old folder to copy it's name and paste when creating on the fly.

I can completely understand the logic about re-creating a file manager but to my mind, this ticket, which is titled, "Move Folders", simply hasn't been fixed. Or have I missed something?

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