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Add WebP support to the export module

Added by Dimitrios Psychogios almost 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Implement the WebP format export module.

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Is duplicate of darktable - Feature #9277: WebP format support in export moduleFixed02/21/2013


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Do you consider this to be fixed?

#2 Updated by Dimitrios Psychogios over 6 years ago

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Sadly no. Although the functionality is partially implemented there are several pieces missing and/or needing rethinking, so I prefer to leave this out for now and include a more completed version in a future release. Some notes:
  • The current code does not compile on Debian stable due to a really old version of libwebp there.
  • current code has no EXIF/XMP/ICC support. I was hoping to use the WebP Container API for achieving this but this is unfortunately not bundled with libwebp (looking into fixing that w/ the libwebp package maintainers but will take time). I could still add this the hard way but rather not at this point.
  • I'm looking at a more clever way of determining some key values for the encoder (no. of segments, and partition limits) because these are frequently the cause of failures for large images (e.g. the default suggested values fail to encode my sample image at 5196x3462px, so I had to use fixed values which may not be optimal for all pictures).

I should have some more news before December though.

#3 Updated by Roman Lebedev over 6 years ago

Any news?

#4 Updated by Roman Lebedev over 5 years ago

  • Is duplicate of Feature #9277: WebP format support in export module added

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