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Add file type to preset filters

Added by SĂ©bastien Grand almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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When you shoot in raw+jpeg, jpeg may be already processed by the camera, so you don't want the same presets for jpeg and raw.
Exifs are the same, and yet there is no way to distinguish them into the preset options.

For example, I use the (wonderful) "denoise by profil" as a preset for all files. It would be very convenient to be able not to apply this one to jpegs.


#1 Updated by Richard Wonka almost 7 years ago

Well spotted! :-)

#2 Updated by Richard Wonka over 6 years ago

Use case for this feature:

I have a preset that automatically applies lens correction to images taken with a certain lens.

When I shoot jpeg+raw and import my images, lens correction is applied also the jpegs, even though the camera has already applied lens correction to them, so the jpegs in my import end up distorted while the raw files are okay.

So I found myself creating a style just to switch off lens correction, which I now have to apply manually to any imported jpegs taken with that lens.

What I would want to do is to auto-apply lens correction with the following conditions:

  1. lens == Lumix G 14mm f2.5
  2. (format != jpeg) OR (camera maker != Panasonic) <---- other makes don't apply lens correction for this lens to their jpegs)

I can live with splitting the second rule in two presets

#3 Updated by Pascal Obry over 6 years ago

I also think this will be useful. I have a base-curve preset for D800 that I apply to the RAW automatically. I have then imported a Jpeg taken with the D800 and the base curve preset got applied.

#4 Updated by Pascal Obry over 6 years ago

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This is implemented since some time now. No need to keep this open.

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