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show keyboard shortcuts in tooltips

Added by Richard Wonka almost 7 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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finding out what keyboard shortcut is set to a certain action is not always intuitive, especially with the non-intuitive hierarchy used for the shortcuts in the settings dialogue.

It would speed work up immensely to show the currently set shortcut in a tooltip for any functions that have a shortcut set. E.g. [Crop & Rotate] (<shift>+o)].

If there is not shortcut set, this could be indicated in the tooltip, too. E.g. "[Crop & Rotate (shortcut not set)]"


#1 Updated by Federico Bruni over 6 years ago

I agree that finding a shortcut is not so quick.
A tooltip would be useful, but it may clutter the interface (?). Most importantly, there are some actions - like navigating in the light table view - which cannot have a tooltip.

I have a different and complementary proposal.
I really like the shortcut help of Gmail, see this example. If you have a gmail account, press ? and you'll see it live.

What do you think about it?

#2 Updated by Andreas Lindhé almost 4 years ago

Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but this forum-issue-tracker-whatnot is new to me.

First off: this is definitely not a new issue. Second of all: This should really be fixed. I'm coming from Lightroom, totally lost without ANY tooltip. The biggest threshold for me contributing to this issue is that I don't have any idea how to program works. If I did, id consider putting them there myself.

Incscape has excellent tool tips, you could look at them for inspiration.

Hope you can revive this issue.

Darktable seems promising, I just wish I knew how to use it.


#3 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus almost 4 years ago

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darktable has had tooltips since forever and buttons that have a shortcut assigned show that in the tooltip, too. The latter will be in release 2.2.0 once that is out.

#4 Updated by Andreas Lindhé almost 4 years ago

But wait, there are a bunch of tool tips missing. There is an x right next to the stars. I have no idea what it does, hovering it says nothing. My guess is that this is reject, which according to the very obscure shortcut descriptions menu would be R. Why is that not there? Stars are also missing the tool tips. So does the arrows for hiding the edge panels. Don't these have shortcuts? And how are new users supposed to know what they do?

#6 Updated by Andreas Lindhé almost 4 years ago

The labels for switching mode in the top right corner (lighttable, darkroom, tethering etc) does not reveal the corresponding shortcuts to switch to these modes. Why is it important to hide this from users? One should be able to easily find out these things without having to go through a 200 page user manual. I don't see how this is fixed, since not very many things seem to have tool tips.

I don't mean to complain just to be annoying, I'm trying to complain to show what perspective a new user has (and how important it is to get these things right to get new users to stay).

#7 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus almost 4 years ago

These labels don't have tooltips with shortcuts being mentioned because no one wrote code to support that. Apart from that, almost everything in dt has a tooltip, so something about your perception seems to differ from mine. Do you have anything worth a tooltip that doesn't have one?

#8 Updated by Roman Lebedev over 3 years ago

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